SprintX-An ICO Maker with An Integrated Exchange For Startups

The Startup community is being introduced by talented people and great minds. They use their own ideas to build each of their respective industries get something bigger and better. Moreover that, they provide back to the community of Entrepreneurs, mentoring, advising, and guiding to become successful. This figure of the Startup community is what invigorate developers to enhance this project. It is understood that, even in this current ecosystem of opportunities, funding is always a big problem that slows down growth. Startups usually attempt to gain the funding through existing financial institutions, which often leads to failure since the current financial systems prefer to invest in companies that have already turned a profit or that have extensive experience and trajectory. It was found that the implementation of a platform with the main objective of connecting the violate between the real world and the virtual world can speed up their business initiative by supplying the technology tools necessary for a Startup to launch their own ICO and to achieve their vision. In order to ensure the success of a launched ICO, A way to convert their funds raised from Crypto to Fiat must be provided by the Startup. Also, it is known that the newly introduced token for the Startup must be listed on an Exchange, and made available for trading providing value to it as soon as possible and making it available for other investors. The developers categorize these into two ICO and Crypto services those are called SprintX & SwitchX that will help

Launch ICOs for Startups

Trade Tokens and Fiat currencies respectively.
Sprintx is a newly introduced platform for entrepreneurs and the development of new business ideas, that will open up the opportunity to the cryptocurrency market with the help of SwitchX as a multifunctional exchange with debit card access.


In order to communicate developers vision, they supposed to consider the SprintX-SwitchX-Fundación NOVA combination as an entire ecosystem. One that interacts with the other and that finds the benefit of the investors, companies and Startups. The SprintX Ecosystem will number with the following elements, each oriented to address the necessary of platform clients and to solve specific problems in the current Startup and Financial industry.


Every element of the SprintX ecosystem is an uninterruptable entity that will function in eternal partnership to benefit each other and will each element have specific targets for the type of support offered to each Startup.


It will be managed the ICO aspects for all Startups and analyzed if the ICO is feasible and appropriate.

Fundación NOVA

It will be taken each Startup to the NOVA Campus which is a Smart City designed specifically for the roaring of business and technology to enhanced their business in that location.


It will be the banking arm behind platform’s operation and will be managing the financial and regulatory facet of platform’s funding activities on a global scale.

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