What is DiceGame

DiceGame Blockchain network team aims to create the environment of trust and safety mixing new technologies with high-quality service. Gambling means either win or lose and it is not controlled because all the activities are done within the central network. DiceGame is the place where the most important feature is about game decentralization.Blockchain technologies have a huge impact on this system, and due to these innovations, it comes possible to create safe platforms and avoid many issues that users usually have while playing dice games in traditional ways. The dicegame team believes that together we can get important achievements in this sphere if we start using smart contracts and tokens.

DiceGame Advantages

DiceGame developers ensure users that this network has a lot of advantages. Among them, you can see 50% of winning odds feature. The game works on face to face method and the games are organized against a real player. This principle enables to balance opportunities of all participants, and each of them has 50% winning chance. Advantages include bonus policy, easy and fast transactions, no restriction system on withdrawals and deposits, as well as the opportunity to use different kinds of currencies within the platform.

Dice Wallet

We continue to buy or sell anything using the money, but innovations continue developing new mechanisms to buy, sell or exchange. Digital currencies now can be exchanged through Blockchain wallet. Simply said wallet is a store where one can place his currencies and use when he wants. Dice Wallet directly is connected to DiceGame network and offers various ways receive or send digital currencies, do exchanges, etc.Every Dice Wallet user gets full control of his balance and becomes the only owner of his wallet. Dice Wallet has very strong protection which means you can easily and safely store your currencies without any problems. 


  This company has a very special commercial value in every stock market. Potential. Providing benefits to potential investors. If you are looking for a blockchain trading on the Blockchain platform. It comes with the latest blockchain technology technology. DiCEGAME is one of the commercial markets of currency exchange and cryptography through the system of market democracy, which has great advantages for shareholder profits.  




Dice Team

Young enthusiasts who believe that Blockchain can change the world. This is the team of DiceGame platform where you can meet various professionals including engineers, developers, advisors, managers, copywriters.You can follow DiceGame news and events via Facebook, Twitter, Bitcoin Talk, Medium or Telegram. Don’t miss your chance to learn more about this innovative platform where playing becomes not only enjoyable but also safe and secure. 

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