Blackbox Foundation Launches Bounty Campaign

 Hello everyone, readers of my blog Syndrome ICO. I will explain a bit about the crypto currency project, This is most relevant in the world of crypto currency, which is characterized by its high volatility. I decided to look for a project where all the tools for productive, high-quality and profitable trading by crypto-currencies will gather. And this is the BLACKBOX project. 


The Blackbox Protocal.

The blackbox OS will allow collaborative work independence with a common governance, the Blackbox will utilize the blackbox token to manage and co-ordinate the platform processes in a decentralized environment. The Blackbox is powered by blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. 

 The blackbox operating system will provide a decentralized network of opportunities, experts and tools that will be rewarded based on a DVP Proposal that delivers value points, where the work done is approved through voting process and matched through artificial algorithms that matches the work done based on skills and reputation. 


Proof of Value (PoV)

One of the main tasks of the Blackbox is assessing the quality of work performed, the Blackbox operating system will utilize the proof of work protocol that will improve the e efficiency, quality of work and work processes through the Blackbox protocol. Compared to other form of centralized work environment the Blackbox advantages include: 

Proposals are voted on in the Blackbox Network and require consensus to be actioned. Not only can internal members and external token holders, see the proposals, they are able to add feedback and have a voice in what is actioned.Accuracy
The blockchain provides us with immutability and accuracy as the basis of distributed ledger technologies. Through a blend of on and off chain storage, we gain the benefits of decentralization.Clear Expectations
Estimations and compensation are agreed upon at the time of proposal. With clear, quantifiable milestones and expert consensus, we see this as a major advantage over the traditional approach to project and task management.Blackbox BBOS Token Details• Presale Sale 50% Bonus NOW Until July 25th, 2018
• Ticker BBOS
• Token Type ERC20
• Token Price 1 BBOS = $0.16 ($USD)
• Timing 25% Bonus begins July 25th, 2018 (10:00AM EST) – August 3rd, 2018 (10:00AM) EST or until the maximum cap is reached.
• Accepted ETH, BTC
• Token Purpose The BBOS token provides access to the Blackbox Network and serves as an internal mechanism to facilitate a labor/capital market while providing governance
• Token Supply
• 1,000,000,000 Total
• Sold on Pre-Sale 50% Discount 37,500,000
• Sold on Pre-Sale 25% Discount 58,333,333
• Total Pre-Sale Hard Cap $USD 10,000,000 


 Team Success

 Consultan Team 



Centralized and traditional work places the value capitalism above all other work processes are outdated and face challenges towards business future of work, the blackbox plans to use artifical intelligence and blockchain technology to deliver solutions that will change and improve how we work, the platform will create a more efficient and improved work system where specialization is the key and employees/ Independent workers are rewarded based on a meritocracy and egalitarianism working environment.The blackbox foundation will manage the Blackbox operating system towards supporting decentralized working environments, the organization consists of a highly experienced community of over 40 individuals who are working towards delivering the next generation of operating system that will change the future of work. 

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