Logotherapy: the search for the meaning of life and human health

In the search for the meaning of life, people can change jobs, cities and even countries. But if this search does not lead to revelation, then the person is disappointed, and he begins to doubt all his actions. However, a person who has determined the meaning of life, there is always the energy to overcome any obstacles. And the stronger he believes in the acquired meaning, the stronger his physical and mental health.

Logotherapy is a kind of psychotherapy that helps people find the meaning of their existence, says Medical News Today. Logotherapy was developed in the middle of the XX century by psychiatrist Victor Frankl, who considered the definition of the purpose of life an important factor in mental health. Frankl himself, using the example of his own life, confirmed the effectiveness of his theory. He passed the test by the Nazi concentration camp, and later said that only the desire to return to his favorite work gave him the strength to survive.

One of the main methods of logotherapy is paradoxical therapy. This method is involved in the deliberate evocation of symptoms of fear, a collision with sources of anxiety. According to the theory of logotherapy, this will help the patient to get used to phobias and reduce their impact. Frankl suggested to people suffering from fear and anxiety, to change the attitude to these feelings to the contrary.
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An example is the case with a patient prone to sweating. As soon as he had a fear that he could sweat, he began to sweat even more, which created a vicious circle. As a therapy, he was asked not to be afraid of sweating, but on the contrary - to consciously strengthen it. As soon as the patient felt that he was sweating, he had to tell himself that he needed to sweat more, to show others how good he was. As a result, the young man got rid of the phobia that tormented him for ten years. This is one of the postulates of logotherapy: reacting to fears in the opposite way, we take the first step to getting rid of them.

Another direction of logotherapy is the treatment of burnout syndrome, when a person experiences physical and mental exhaustion, fatigue at work. In this case it is necessary to turn to true human values ​​- relations, family, pleasant trifles. The patient can overcome the burnout syndrome when he answers his questions: "Is it really necessary?", "What happens if I do not do this?", "Do I have to do this?"

Of course, there are no universal solutions for all people. Each person has his own set of motivations, and the strategy for finding life goals must be determined individually. But Frankl suggested that there are three basic types of values ​​that can help find the meaning of life: realization through creativity and creation, openness to new experiences from the outside world and the ability to respond to circumstances beyond our control.

In other words, the purpose of life can be found in the realization of one's talents, in the ability to rejoice in new discoveries and in the ability to cope with stress.

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