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Walmart and Carrefour are already using blockchain. And that’s why.

The food and drink sector is one of the main areas, that needs to increase transparency. Both consumers and sellers need it.

For a customer who chooses a healthy lifestyle nothing is more important, than to buy original goods without any doubts in authenticity. With the ENDO blockchain protocol, he needs just to scan the QR code in order to see the country of origin and the manufacturing company.

For the seller blockchain technology is indispensable at every stage - delivery, shipping and sale. Food safety is the first thing a manufacturer cares about. However, the supply chains grow more and more, so mistaken and premeditated contamination have become almost regular occurrences. This is a black hole, that sucks money flows and lead to the higher prices. With ENDO, product safety will no longer be a problem, because hiding the fake won’t be possible. The reseller is be able to monitor all the processes in real time.

The standards for authenticity and safety get tougher every year and resellers find themselves drowned in documents. There are so many of them, that sometimes it takes few days to find one sheet. ENDO allows to get every document in a couple of clicks. At the same time it shows all the additional information on product, ensuring that the one at the beginning and at the end of the chain are the same. This technology can also be used to confirm, that fish or other quoted goods have been produced according to the rules.

Blockchain protocol ENDO will sort all giant supply chain and make the reseller’s work much easier.

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