Dear friends!🖐🏼

Happy International Worker's Day!🌷We wish everyone to charge a powerful mood, strong will and inner motivation to keep going forward and achieving your goals no matter what!☄️

We are proud to say that our team is just in this state of mind now. You can feel the vibes of fighting spirit and resolution in our office.🔥

Now, let's come back to the news.
What happened to ENDO recently? Our founder, CEO and spirit leader, Yan Palmachinskiy came back from Tokyo with tons of useful contacts, integrations and acquiantances, which upgraded our community in Japan to another level!💪🏼
All details will be published on website soon.

Also Yan is flying to the capital of Netherlands for the conference✈️
Chainges 4-5th of May
And of course, this time we will not get around the meetings, pitches and unreal networking. 😏

ℹ️Stay with us. We will keep you in touch with all the events😉

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