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Today cars not only connect to every possible network, but also exchange data and able to fully monitor all systems’ operations. Unfortunately, this leads to the fact that a hacker can steal a car. The world is on the verge of mass implementation of the Internet of things, the interaction between a person and technology becomes more complicated, data volumes grows many times, therefore security issues are now more urgent than ever. And all the issues can be solved by one blockchain protocol ENDO.

  1. Data invariability. The immutable nature of the distributed ledger guarantees complete data integrity. ENDO supports Inter Planetary File Systems (IPFS), the latest protocol for the transfer of large data packets. Any critical alerts or updates are transmitted between the server and the car by hashing the data using 256-bit strong encryption, cutting down the likelihood of data being stolen.
  2. Car maintenance. Imagine that you see the whole car repair history on blockchain, when buying the used car: when and what the breakdowns took place, what parts have been replaced. No need to check the engine in a workshop, the entire condition of the car will be reflected in the "blockchain-card". One can forget about the substandard repairs or fake spare parts, because ENDO will ensure car to service only in certified centers.
  3. Carsharing. Blockchain can make the joint use of the car as convenient and effective as it possible by giving approved individuals access to a lender’s car without having to meet face to face. The user can book a car using a smart contract, which is also able to track the time spent on the driving.
  4. Advantages for business. Manufacturers of cars and spare parts, gas stations and even tourist attractions will be able to harness data produced by connected cars and use the resulting insights to offer products and services that better meet driver needs.

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