Sidera is the first decentralized device in the world!


Sidera is a solution for contactless smart models for retail and POS including all components (ready-to-use mobile application and POS) All this will be used with open source and specifications Sidera pays special attention to Asia in particular in Indonesia and China, half of all South East Asian residents live in Indonesia, and in China more than 700 million people use the Internet.

Here everything is transparent, as honest as possible, the projects are based on Blokchan’s technology — a distributed database that conducts instant transfers, you do not need to wait for transactions to be confirmed, as there are no unnecessary and unnecessary costs in the cases of banking operations, and this technology protects against various frauds — here fraud fraud is excluded.


Sidera follows in the footsteps of Bitcoin and has the same characteristics relating to management, motivation, real application, which ensure the development of this solution at the international level. Full-core basic open source development and specifications — all this contributes to the ubiquitous distribution of Sidera protocols and ensures the expansion of this network. Bitcoin is the “brand”, which is the most significant digital currency in the cryptographic world, therefore, in my opinion, Sidera is not just an ecosystem with a steep solution, but the real future of all crypto-investors. It has no analogues and competitors, so the success of this project is more than obvious.


Users will be granted bonuses for participating in the network sidera. The main feature will be the simplicity and availability of using this technology, as well as the convenience of payment using mobile devices and smart watches.

The goal of Sidera is to enter the consumer market, no other crypto exchange will be able to attract as many users of crypto currency from this segment except for this platform.

The company uses the #IoT (Internet of things), which popularizes the distribution of existing devices, vehicles, structures and much more by sensors and network connection, ensuring the collection and exchange of data. Collective applications work on the P2P scheme, which excludes intermediaries.


Unique functions of Seara Wearable Device (DWD)

BitSmart is a hardware wallet that you can use on your wrist. It is completely decentralized and synchronized with the network of blockrooms. SmartBit is the first and only decentralized portable device in the world. This is a revolutionary solution for sending crypto currency, which offers a scalable Sidera ecosystem. You carry all your crypto assets “on your wrist.”

SmartBit is presented in three versions:

1. BitBand — interchangeable wristbands with touch screen

2. BitWatch Premium — smart smart clock with touch screen

3. BitWatch Visionary — smart clock with touch screen and multi-level security with face recognition and biometric sensor

An important function is “from the wrist to the wrist”, i.e. on the bluetooth in a certain range, you can transfer and receive funds from your “hours” to another user of this device. All this is done in a decentralized manner. Also, the owners of the bracelets can determine the threshold of the amount for expenses and send money only after confirming the PIN code.


The main advantage of this device is the “ghost mode”. This function hides the hardware purse and everything related to crypto-currencies, and the crane displays time, weather, etc. Nobody will understand what kind of device it really is.


Private key, unique identifier, multi-level security, zk-SNARK technology (high level of confidentiality), all kinds of extensions and additions are just a small part of what Sidera will provide to participants and users of SmartBit. This is a grandiose project that will turn the entire cryptographic world.

You can become part of the Sidera project and not just a participant, but a full-fledged shareholder of this company by purchasing eQUOS tokens


Softcap project is $ 1,500,000 (if during the sale of tokens will not reach the lower threshold of funding — the funds will be returned)
Hardcap project — $ 15,000,000
The total number of tokens is 51,000,000 eQUOS
Price for 1 eQUOS — 2 $
1% of the collected funds will go to charity


When running Soft Cap 1 500 000 $:

Development of SmartBand with ERC-20, QR-reader and companion application, as well as basic functions.

When you reach $ 2,500,000:

Interactive multi-currency purse ERC20 and ERC23, swap OFF-CHAIN ​​for the function of the wrist to the wrist. For gTLD, the .bitcoin .btc .blockchain domains are used.

When you reach $ 5,000,000:

Wholesale production and distribution of BitBand. The development of BitWatch begins with the installation of a housing sensor in BitWatch and BitBand. Module NFC and signing contracts with local shops and services.

When you reach $ 10,000,000:

Mass production and distribution around the world BitWatch, Full Platform and Continuum Right, full rental DEV.

When the upper threshold of financing is reached, $ 15,000,000:

Smart-Assistant, Hi-Res camera, PDA function, biometrics and face recognition. Implementation of medical services using up-to-date data in real exchange mode with the hospital. Sidera will transfer the health care system to a new level.


Continuum — the first decentralized exchanger that you can use on your hand. You can trade directly from your wrist.

Proof Proof Protocol — POL will be executed continuously to check the status of the network node, and then delegated to the level of intelligent micro nodes in some appropriate operation to immediately illuminate the neighboring block.

Balancer-platform sidebar provides an offset network, transaction confirmation, network reception and delegation of surplus computing on the sub-levels of the micro-node.

Intersect — the Sidera platform blocker uses cross-principles where the DAPPS cryptographic functions work together and do not burden the network.


A team of highly qualified professionals with an impeccable reputation proves the prospects and reliability of the project.


The overall safety of the project is managed by the Security Broker, one of the most important Cyber ​​Security companies in the world, with leading experts who work directly with defense agencies, Interpol and many others. The entire process is serviced from development to production, delivery and installation.



More detailed information about the project you can find on the website of the company
Reddit: https: // St = JIRSDIAI & sh = dd548a81

After the full formation of the program, you have the opportunity to remain a member of the project and receive a portion of the company’s profit as the holder of the eQUOS token.


Sidera will be spoken by the whole world — this is the most promising project from the point of view of the idea to the team — everything is thought through to the smallest detail. All this makes the Sidera project attractive and radically different from other ecosystems!

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