FACITE - development of the financial and economic environment in Kazakhstan!

Cryptocurrencies are rapidly gaining a foothold of the world community - quotations are growing steadily, which causes an increasing interest of users. Cryptocurrency is a kind of digital currency, the creation and control of which are based on cryptographic methods of processing information. Cryptocurrency is an alternative to Fiat money. Everything is transparent here, as honestly as possible, projects are based on the blockchain technology - a distributed database that conducts instant transfers, you should not wait for confirmation of transactions, as in cases with banking operations, there are no unnecessary and unnecessary costs, and this technology protects against various frauds - Payment fraud is excluded here. Operations are performed anonymously. The decentralized area is unusually new and is identified as a project that is still in its infancy, but has tremendous development opportunities in almost all sectors of the economy. Decentralization is a key feature of the blockchain application. The company FACITE creates a platform based on blockchain technology.

The main goal of the Facite investment project is to develop the financial and economic environment in Kazakhstan using blockchain technology. The Facite Foundation built and operates a mining center in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan based on geographic conditions, government policies, and power supply schemes for the mining industry. The mining center can accommodate up to 2 million mining machines measuring 180 hectares (ha) and is expected to generate a stable and stable income based on cheap electricity. Part of the income from the mining center is transferred to Facite token holders, and profits from the Facite Foundation projects in Kazakhstan are also distributed among the community.

The Facite Foundation also manages Kazakh bus and solar maps. Bus map - Kazakhstan - the ninth largest country in the world in size, is promoting the “Kazakhstan Business Roadmap 2020” to revitalize the economy. The most important aspect of this project is the transport sector. Kazakhstan has developed a plan for the implementation of national business projects for the implementation of bus cards, as business conditions have deteriorated due to inadequate transport infrastructure. The most important part of the bus card business is to reduce the use of public transport. In other regions where there are no bus cards, workers must remain on the bus and fees must be charged manually. To solve this problem, Facite Foundation acquired INNOB CO., Ltd., which has completed a bus card project with the city of Shymkent, Kazakhstan, and now owns 60% of the transport card business in Kazakhstan (Shymkent has 40%).


Photovoltaic power plant - Kazakh President Nazarbayev said that by 2030, 30% of Kazakhstan’s total electrical capacity would be converted to renewable energy, and the government revised the law to support subsidies against currency volatility and inflation applicable only to “foreign corporations investing in renewable energy” . The Facite Foundation acquired KHAN 21 HOLDING, a holding company that owns a photovoltaic power plant on a business site of 100 hectares (330,000 people) with a capacity of 60 MW in the area of ​​Lake Kapchgai in Almaty.

Facite tokens holders will receive dividends from the profits from the mining of the Pavlodar Facite center, the Shymkent bus card project and the solar power plant project. Profit allocated to shareholders can be checked in detail using the Facite dividend chart.

Facite Token Release is designed to promote the common interests of all stakeholders in the Facite ecosystem through all Facite projects.
Platform / Type - Ethereum / ERC20
Ticker - FIT

Token Sale Stages (all bonus tokens will be blocked; the blocking will be canceled gradually):
Private sales + 10% Bonus (700,000,000 FIT) + Airdrop (300,000,000 FIT)
Presale + Bonus 5% (1 million FIT)

Below is the distribution of tokens

This large-scale project is managed by experienced data center experts, cryptocurrency, and reputable financial experts with years of experience.

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