Auditchain - Decentralized Continuous Audit & Reporting Protocol Ecosystem™

Investments ... There are many investment options, some of which are relatively new technologies, for example, the blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency based on it are the newest technologies that can simultaneously shake a number of industries and investment markets. Cryptocurrency is a digital payment tool, protected from copying and modification. Digital currencies are created, applied without external and internal management, they have no central management. Transactions on the blockchain are performed anonymously using a special key; completed transactions, transactions can not be canceled. Information about cryptocurrency is presented in the form of a continuous chain of blocks, the last of which stores data from a previously valid block, which ensures network continuity. Currently, there are many opportunities to capitalize on the potential of various types of tokens built on the blockchain. The usefulness of tokens has increased significantly and improved over the past year, and since the blockchain is increasingly being introduced into the financial sector, it is natural that companies and investors are looking for ways to use it that will benefit them for many years. Auditchain also keeps pace with the times ... Auditchain - the decentralized protocol for continuous auditing and reporting Ecosystem ™

Auditchain is the world's first decentralized ecosystem of the continuous audit and financial reporting protocol to ensure the security and disclosure of digital assets. The DCARPE Assurance and Disclosure Framework is a network of accountants and chartered accountants who externally check the functional consistency of the internal system and control environments, as well as real-time reporting. DCARPE Explorer provides real-time financial reporting and analytics data to institutions and individuals. DCARPE Explorer will offer subscriptions to audit analytics and financial details, as well as tools that allow users to create dynamically updated actionable research reports that can ultimately mechanize the prediction of counter-risk and transform research on the selling and buying side.


AUDT is the accounting unit of the Auditchain platform that is used by users to access and pay for the services of the Auditchain network. AUDT - the ethereum platform's ERC20 standard token - will be distributed in accordance with the generation of tokens ("TGE") for the first users of the Auditchain network. AUDT tariffs are units of Auditchain value and are linked to the local currency of each relevant jurisdiction. Transactions in the Auditchain Network are paid using AUDT fees that are deducted from the account. After the launch of the Auditchain network, the holders' AUDT tokens will be exchanged for Native Auditchain and the AUDT tokens will migrate to the network. AUDT owners will have access to and use of the services of the Auditchain network. AUDT will also be used to communicate with a digital identification application that identifies each corporate user and each federal site operator. AUDT will have no voting rights or rights to current or future capital in Auditchain or the network.

What principle will be distributed tokens


6% - Early Contributors and Adopters
40% - Token Sale
18% - Airdrop
10.3% - Advisors
10.3% - Team
10.3% - Partnerships
5% - Bounties

Subscribers will use AUDT to obtain detailed levels of financial analytics published by corporate users of the collateral protocol and the disclosure of DCARPE ™ information through DCARPE ™ Explorer. After the launch of the collateral and disclosure protocol, DCARPE ™ will be paid annually to 12,500,000 additional AUDTs in connection with rewards. Annual remuneration amounts are approximate and depend on the actual blocking time.


Auditchian provides a continuous external audit of the enterprise and control system, financial data and information disclosure monitoring environments by a network of accountants and certified accountants. The DCARPE Alliance is a consortium for accounting, auditing, and financial reporting, consisting of CPAs, chartered accountants, corporate software vendors, and developers who provide resources for developing and implementing the DCARPE Assurance and Disclosure Protocol. Auditchain allows enterprises to provide the highest level of assurance to interested parties through a decentralized external audit of the enterprise by consensus.

Below is a project development schedule


The Auditchain team are experienced and passionate professionals who make this project a reality. It was attended by experts in the field of cryptocurrency, computing systems, mobile technologies and the development of large-scale applications. These people have a great experience behind their backs! The collective efforts of the team will create a platform that has no analogues.


All this makes Auditchain attractive and distinguishes it from other ecosystems!

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