My Review of ActnEarn | Earn Huge Crypto | Monetize Your Social Media

## What is ActnEarn ?

ActnEarn is a DApp that built on steem blockchain. You can earn actnearn tokens posting on actnearn. Actnearn token is tradeable on steem-engine. You can also earn actnearn tokens by adding actnearn tag to your steemit post and then your post will show on actnearn. You will get actnearn tokens if anyone upvote your post from actnearn.

## How to post on ActnEarn ?

It's simple. Go to and login your steemit account. Then all the process is same as

## How to earn from Actnearn ?

You have to post on actnearn or you have to add "actnearn" tag to your posts and if anyone upotes you from then you will earn actnearn tokens.

## How to power up actnearn tokens ?

You can power up your actnearn account by staking actnearn tokens on steem-engine.

## Some easy tips to earn more ActnEarn tokens

★ Connect your social medias on @share2steem.

★ Retweet all the posts of @actnearn on your twitter account and add #actnearn and #share2steem tag. (You will get 1-10% upvote from @actnearn)

★ Repost all the instagram posts of actnearn on your instagram account and add #actnearn and #share2steem tag. (You will get 1-10% upvote from actnearn)

★ You can write about actnearn with at least one picture and more than 500 words and you will get upvote 10-100% from @actnearn.

★ Besides you can also earn huge actnearn tokens promoting actnearn on social medias.

## Want to explore more ? Here are the social media links of actnearn


★Steemit :-

★Facebook :-

★Youtube :-

★Instagram :-

★Tumblr :-

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