Merits and Demerits of Mobile Phone

To-day is the age of science. Modern science has made impossible possible. It has invented a lot of useful and important things. Of them, mobile phone is one of the most wonderful and useful inventions of modern science. It has opened a new door in the field of communication.


Mobile phone has brought about a radical change in our life. It has greatly changed our life style. We can talk to our near and dear ones at any time sitting at home or office by using mobile phone. So, mobile phone has wonderfully made our life very quick, easy, cheerful and enjoyable.

Mobile phone has wonderfully conquered distance and saved time. We can send any information to any remote corner of the vast globe within a second with the help a mobile phone by sitting at home or office.

To-day mobile phone plays a vital role in global communication too. So, it has wonderfully mobilized the process of globalization as well as the world business. In a word, it is very important to make good relations and co-operation among the different nations of the world.

Mobile has also wonderfully quickened our business, commerce and trade. It is a magic device to our business men, traders and shopkeepers. They can easily learn the price of any goods or the value of any currency or the condition of the market within a few seconds with the help of this useful device by sitting at shop or office. Now, it is clear that mobile has wonderfully quickened business and commerce.

Mobile phone has also opened a mile stone in the field of our education. Our students are very much benefited by using mobile phone. They can talk to their teachers about there difficult lesson and learn the time of classes over mobile phone with their classmates and teachers. Besides, a student can solve any difficult lesson by talking to his classmates over mobile phone.

Mobile phone has opened a new door in our agriculture too. Our farmers can learn any suggestion or advice from any agricultural office about the uses of good seeds or fertilizers or insecticides by using mobile phone. They can also learn about the time of sowing seeds of crops by using mobile phone sitting at home. So, mobile phone wonderfully helps our farmers in growing bumper crops. Besides, they can learn the condition of the market and weather.

A mobile phone is not free from its drawbacks. It may damage our hearing a brain. Besides, the criminal can easily commit any misdeed by using mobile phone. Using a mobile phone is very harmful to a pregnant woman. Besides, using a mobile phone is a great source of misuse of money.

In spite of some defects, a mobile phone is a great friend to all. It has wonderfully made human life easy, quick and enjoyable. Modern life can not be thought of even a few minutes without a mobile phone. But we should be very careful of using a mobile phone for our greater interest.

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