Childhood is The Golden Period of A Man's Life. Children in My Art.

Hi there,

How are you ? Hopefully you all are fine and I am also well. Today I am here with a new art.

Here is an art of children. These children are gossiping with one another. Children have the rights to enjoy their childhood. Childhood is the best period of a man's life. No other periods are comparable with this period. We should let children to enjoy their childhood.
Childhood flies away and it never comes back. All the people wants to get back their childhood. Poets also want their childhood back. They often wrote poems about this period.

You know I love drawing and I love to share it with my friends. At first I made this art with a pencil. Then I highlighted the border and then colored it. After that I took a photo of my art and edited with an editor app because I believe that editing a photo is also a kind of art. Here are the steps :-


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