Product Protocol

Product Protocol is an open source protocol for crowdfunding or crowlending campaigns based on digital asset publishing, integration with all business processes, fund management, and financial operations. Product Protocol focuses on creating a platform that allows an entrepreneur to give their asset tokens and raise funds for scaling. Companies at Product Protocol can scale up even further than before. A universal token for any asset tokensation allows you to instantly create a digital asset and a decentralized market that will enable people from all over the world to buy it. With the application of blockchain technology through global Tokenisasi will improve business performance and people. Product Protocol has a strong professional team with a wealth of experience in the blockchain field. The team will also present the full version of the protocol in 2019 so that everyone will be able to evaluate the vision for technology development.

Using a revolutionary tokenomics model, Product Protocol provides simplicity and mutually beneficial relationships between asset producers and asset buyers. The aim is to offer products that are intuitive and beneficial to the market. The manufacturer only sends applications and the tokenisation of assets, gives them useful property, manages effective demand, provides better offers for buyers. You need to know there is a difference between creating and issuing tokens through blockchain technology, and creating ecosystems, where this tokenisation will be beneficial not only on paper, but in real life.

By planning to work with real people in the real world, Product Protocol plans to start working in Asia and globalize from there. The reason, because the adoption of new things, especially those related to modern technology, occurs there more quickly and organically in the Asian region than anywhere in the world. If this can take root there, then in the future it can be done anywhere.

Tokenisation is the process of creating cryptocurrency tokens based on blockchain technology and pegged to something from the real world. In this way, all types of assets can be changed, from airplanes and residential buildings to banking services and government programs. Generally tokens themselves represent the right to obtain property, where the exchange of subsequent tokens for assets will be considered as the purchase itself.

The two main tokenization factors that positively influence asset liquidity. One factor - the transborder nature. This factor precisely illustrates the superiority of blockchain technology. The ability to use cryptocurrency tokens will be the same. In most cases, transferring ownership of assets through tokens will be done instantly. In other words, if we imagine a token as having the right to a box of chocolates, the right itself can be transferred to someone from any country in just seconds. the second from asset tokenisation is their fragmentation. Such transactions, real estate, for example, are being prepared in various countries. Say an apartment building, where a single token will represent an apartment of a certain type. Like many of you who know Bitcoin, the ancestor of all tokens and cryptos, can be divided into eight decimal places.

These factors are not the only ones and we can spend a long time penetrating deeper into more complex legal specifications, and the undeniable advantages of tokenisation of real assets. But we can say with certainty that in five years the world can change drastically thanks to global tokenisation, thanks to efficient technology that has just entered our lives.

Tokensale Detail



30% - marketing and first tokenised products

  1. 65 000 000 PPO – ICO

35% - development and PP coin fund

  1. 15 000 000 PPO - team and associates

10% - legal, salary, lawyers

  1. 15 000 000 PPO - platform support

10% - technology support

  1. 5 000 000 PPO - marketing and advisors

15% - team


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