How Alcedo platform could make cryptocurrencies accessible for everyone?

Massive adoption of cryptocurrencies and #blockchain technology has been a common goal for crypto enthusiasts like me. It creates a lot of challenge for us to make people believe in this technology. Bear market is one factor that would decrease the belief of others in shifting to cryptocurrency. The truth is that they just don’t understand how powerful it is for us to use cryptocurrencies in experiencing borderless payments that no bank or government can shut it down for good.

However, the problem in our era nowadays is that not all areas are accepting cryptocurrencies, thus it makes them unaccessible for everyone. Even the restricted ones like in Venezuela, they restrict citizens by limiting their monthly sending and receiving cryptocurrencies. It’s something that most of us are having problems due to the fact that massive adoption of cryptocurrencies takes time.

There’s one platform that would likely stand out from the rest that would make these cryptocurrencies available and accessible for everyone around the world. It is something that we need to make massive adoption a bit quicker than we’ve expected coming from various experts.

Anyways, I am going to share my own review about the Alcedo platform. Here’s a video for you to take a look:

Here are some features that would make these cryptocurrencies accessible for everyone with the help of the Alcedo platform:

1 - Professional consultants on duty with Alcedo points

Everybody loves projects that has great features, right? Even me, of course I love fantastic features. Alcedo points are one of the features that I am really excited about. It is because Alcedo points allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies outside of any centralised or decentralised exchanges in the internet. With the help of Alcedo’s professional consultants, they’ll guide you in using their crypto ATMs or so.

Not just cryptocurrencies, but physical gold as well. These professional consultants will assist you in keeping your investments safe within their platform. Plus, it gives us an opportunity to become a future franchisor. As the coin itself remains in the business cycle of the company, Alcedo coins can be used to pay for franchising fees that would help make cryptocurrencies accessible for everyone.

2 - Offline and online storage of Alcedo has amazing functions

There is also what we call the crypto savings plan. I think the benefit is great for consumers like me, as they could guarantee us an average token price that is optimal. There are two types of storage for this feature, the offline and the online. I would like to summarize their differences, but it’s up to you on which one is more convenient.

I honestly agree that offline hardware storage is the safest of all, no matter what brand it is. But for Alcedo, this is way different than the existing ones out there. You want to know why? It’s because Alcedo has the capability of buying coins that are in the contract a putting a designated key in the customer’s respective deposit box. Speaking of that, only the customers can access that by request.

However, for the online storage, it is way more cost-effective than the offline version. We are aware that not all online wallets are safe for us to store our cryptocurrencies. Alcedo’s platform is different and has done their homework to keep our cryptocurrencies safe in the online storage. It was equipped with some of the top security features that intruders and hackers are gonna find it difficult to interfere with our funds. On top of that, the cryptocurrencies that we have allocated in the platform can be changed twice a month.

3 - Alcedo card isn’t just your average card

There are numerous projects out there who are releasing their own crypto debit cards. However, Alcedo isn’t just like any other ones out there. It was equipped with a state-of-the-art NFC chip that was built-in. Because of that, it can be used in any available Alcedo ATM and POS terminals worldwide.

On top of that, it is no longer necessary that we will be underdoing tedious registrations on various foreign exchanges. As of now, they have a limited first edition of Alcedo card for the first 1,000 customers. The cost of this card is only 10,000 Alcedo coins, which includes free shipment worldwide. Since Alcedo‘s operations is in Germany, there’s a greater chance that it could extend their operations overseas in the foreseeable future.

4 - No transaction fees for holding at least 10,000 Alcedo tokens

This is one feature that you should not regret if you’re a holder of at least 10,000 Alcedo tokens. You know why? It’s because you are going to enjoy zero transaction fees for buying and selling cryptocurrencies within their platform.

One of the common issues that we have nowadays is the high transaction fees and the delay of peer-to-peer transactions. However, that would end by using the state-of-the-art Alcedo platform that everyone can enjoy fast and low transaction fees. How much more if you are one of the holders of at least 10,000 Alcedo coins! Pretty amazing!

5 - Alcedo’s state-of-the-art online wallet live in action!

To make a project interesting in the eyes of a participant, there has to be a working product already in place. Unfortunately, most of the startups out there don’t have a MVP while the crowdsale is ongoing. Instead, they’re using the funds collected from the crowdsale to start developing the product.

The good news is that Alcedo’s MVP, the online wallet, is now working and live on Android and iOs platform. If you have either an Android or iOs device, you can now download the Alcedo app to check out its features. Just try it for yourself.

What can I say about their roadmap and token sale?

Back then, I wasn’t careful in terms of reviewing ICOs as most of them had their plans failed and the projects are abandoned for good. For me, taking time to read the project’s roadmap is essential before participating to them. To be honest, Alcedo’s roadmap is crystal clear for me.

One of the things that I’m looking forward to Alcedo’s roadmap is the issuance of the Alcedo Coin, Alcedo cards, ATMs and franchising plans. As the MVP is already live and functioning, I think they’re on the right direction to make this campaign successful.

Alcedo Coin is running under the #Ethereum blockchain, so it’s an ERC20 token. As of now, we are in the second phase of the crowdsale campaign that will end on March 31 with a 25% discount. The entire token sale will end on May 31st 2019. Alcedo’s hard cap is set at 40,000,000 ALCE with a total token supply of 100,000,000 ALCE.

The good news is that Alcedo is just a handful of the existing projects out there who accepts Paypal as payment method on top of #Bitcoin and Ethereum. For me, I think they’re doing pretty well now with their plans.

What can I say about the development team of Alcedo?

Another reason why a crypto-related project has higher chances of succeeding is because of the passion, hardwork and dedication of its development team. To summarize the team members, I think their combined years of experience would prove that they’re capable in making Alcedo successful. Not just being successful for this year, but in many years to come. This is where Alcedo could make cryptocurrencies easy to use for all of us!

I honestly believe that they’re doing this for the benefit of the consumers who are frustrated in today’s financial industry. They’re proven to be selfless and with a heart to help address the issues that we have in today’s generation. I have no second thoughts that by teaming up in this amazing project, Alcedo would become one of the best crypto projects that is happening today and in the future. Job well done guys!

Final thoughts about Alcedo

Look guys, I know that there are so many projects you can find in the internet in various categories and niches under the disruptive crypto and blockchain industry. For me, I think Alcedo is one of those projects that is too much to ignore. As I’ve read their whitepaper, I can honestly say that it is truly worth for us to become part of this extraordinary campaign. With Alcedo’s extraordinary features and plans for the benefit of the community, all I can say that Alcedo has a bright future ahead.

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