Gabrotech is a blockchain based project which is decentralizing the current loyalty program market. The current loyalty program system has many loopholes. Customers often get irritated because there are not enough points for them to use them and as time passes these points get expired and become useless. Also, every individual enrols to many loyalty programs which makes the customer difficult to manage different accounts. Gabro is developing a decentralized platform to remove all these inefficiencies. This platform will bring together loyalty program operators (LPO), merchants, customers who will hold Gabro token. This project is eliminating the need to manage different loyalty program accounts. Customers now can log in into their wallet and manage all the different accounts simultaneously. All the unused reward points can now be converted into Gabro token and can be used to redeem customer preferred services

Use case:

Suppose a customer wants to redeem an air flight ticket. When the customer checks his reward points in the loyalty program of this sector he/she finds that there are not sufficient loyalty points to redeem. On the other hand, the customer has many loyalty points in the supermarket sector which cannot be used in the airline sector. Thus, these points remain unused and gets wasted.

Gabrotech is a platform where all these unused points can be converted into Gabro tokens with the help of Gabro wallet. These tokens then can be used to redeem the preferred service by the customer. The Gabro prepaid card will incentivise users for their every purchase. This will encourage the users to hold Gabro tokens.

Gabro 6-in-1 Solution:

• Gabro Digital Wallet:
Gabro digital wallet is a multicurrency wallet which help users to efficiently manage their digital assets. They can store, transfer and redeem the digital asset more efficiently with just one click. This wallet will be able to store Ethereum, Bitcoin, Centra, Dash, Litecoin, Ripple, Zcash, Manero and around 15 loyalty program reward points of airline and hotel sector.

• Gabro Token (GBO):
Users will get GBO in the form of rewards for using Gabro wallet. This token will be used to carry out the transaction i.e. buy and sell reward points in this ecosystem. GBO tokens will be traded and transferred on major exchanges. Merchants will pay GBO tokens to the platform so that Gabro will issue their tokens to the right target audience.

• Gabro Pre-Paid Card:
Gabro pre-paid card is a physical card. This card can be acquired by the users by placing a request on the platform. This card will be linked with multicurrency conversion engine and Gabro Wallet. This card will allow users to withdraw money from 2 million ATMs worldwide. There are two types of cards:

Gabro Premium Card: Users can only get this card if they hold 5000 GBO in their wallet. This card will give the users 0.5% GBO rewards and also shopping and travel insurance will be offered up to USD100,000.

Gabro Standard Card: There must be 2000 GBO in the wallet in order to get this card. Here users will get 0.1%GBO rewards and shopping and travel insurance will be offered up to USD100,000.

• Multi-Currency Conversion Engine:
This will be used to match buy and sell orders with an auction system. It will be used for an immediate conversion of blockchain assets to fiat currency in rea-time. This will enable the usage of blockchain assets anywhere that accepts Mastercard.

• Loyalty Central:
Loyalty Central is a platform where users can convert their reward points of one brand to another. Users need to select their preferred loyalty programs and carry out the log in process. After this the points will be transferred to the users’ wallet.

• O2O Analytics and Execution Platform:
O2O is a geo-targeting tool. This platform helps merchants to initiate their own campaign on this platform which will drive in more customers in their physical stores. After the campaign gets activated, the customers located at the nearby location of the store will get notification from the merchants. The targeting here is done based on the customers’ demographics, interests and spending behaviour.


Andy,P.K.Chen - Chairman
Andy, P.K. Chen has worked at Capital One in the US, Accenture in the UK, BCGand Credit Suisse in Asia Pacific. His last position was GM, Head of China, Mastercard Advisors. For the last 20 years, he has advised many corporations on digital strategy and transformation, as well as smaller business ventures on how to disrupt a market with much larger incumbents

Kim,K.W.Mak - Chief Marketing Officer
Kim, K.W. Mak has over 20 years’ digital marketing and credit card industry experience. He recently partnered with one of the largest digital asset platforms to promote ICO and token trading. Before that, he worked as Head of Business Development and Head of Account Management at a Nasdaq-listed digital marketing company.

William, C.Y. Chan - Chief Technology Officer
William, C.Y. Chan built his almost 20-year career on the development of innovative solutions in the commerce and payments arena. He started his career as a Java card developer to build and architect secure mobile solutions for banking and stock trading applications.

Token Matrix:

Token Symbol: GBO
Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 GBO
Hard Cap: $50M
Token price: 1 ETH buys 5000 GBO
Accepting: Ethereum (ETH)
ERC20 Token: Yes


• The team behind this project has experience in various fields such as Finance, digital marketing, cross border payments, digital wallet designs, e-business banking, e-commerce etc.
• There are 4 advisors for this project each coming from different backgrounds such as e-commerce, business development, finance, IT etc.
• The white paper of this project is written in simple language and has detailed information about the project.
• The MVP of this project is available on their website.

• The social media hype of this project is low. It has around 400 follower on Twitter and around 4000 members on Telegram.
• The core team and advisory team should consist of members from blockchain an cryptocurrency background.
• The project does not have partnership with relevant companies which will help to redeem points from any brand and use it for preferred services.



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