Diro uses the power of the crowd’s intelligence to automatically tag people to the phone book for everyone.
These efforts continue to crash up to 50%, 66%, 75% and so on when people join the phone book.
Diro is a super productivity tool for implementing any Team size phone book for all members to view & manage. And you can also create a Contact List of clients or vendors and share with certain people.
Contacts are organized & updated perfectly

ntelligent Crowdsourcing makes a stalled effort of over 90%.
Missing contacts appear automatically

A team of 20 co-workers can create a mini phonebook team that is shared with all members.
When new people join the team, each existing member adds new people to the team & all 20 coworkers will automatically get new contacts. New coworkers download apps & find minicomputers co-workers.
Similarly, add new clients to the Client’s phonebook & sync contacts across the Sales Team.
Existing contacts are fixed automatically

From Diro’s network, we provide information about you that is not included in your profile.
If you discard this info (it could be outdated or incorrect info), it will be automatically fixed on the phone of everyone who has your contacts.
Automatically manage what others see about you

We created 4 Card Profiles automatically for you.
When you set your “work profile” to your Employee or Client’s phonebook, all contacts there instantly get your new info.
For the first time, you can automatically manage what others see about you.
More features

Layer 1
Siklus Crowdsourcing Diro
(Work proof)

Mark contacts across the phone and organize contacts for everyone using a powerful crowdsourcing platform with built in privacy machines. Diro automatically finds information about you from other phones and updates the status info. A predefined profile card helps you tag different contact groups and keep your Identity under control.
Layer 2
Identity Decentralization & A Management ccess
(In development)

Use a Profile card to manage your identity and private key to log in to various websites. Mobile Authentication using your private key makes your identity very secure and without a password. Integrated platforms for contacts, profile cards, and user directories based on decentralized identity make access in the digital world seamless and contextual.
Layer 3
Context Engine
(Frictionless access)

Create dApps to market and add to channel. Channels can be attached to directories or contacts for unlimited access from within your contacts.
Diro Community & Developer Involvement Platform
People’s mining earlier, better rewards:
Early users get the most benefits because they add the highest value, and have the scope to add the most value by introducing most users to the platform, providing updates and information on the largest set of users. Late adopters also benefit from the information available, but effectively have less information to add.
Contextual Dplay:
Developers will be able to easily build their Java script dApps that can be attached to Contacts or Directory Contacts. The combination of Diro Contact Directories, Identity & Access Management platforms will enable the discovery of their applications with relevant groups.

Diro a super productivity tool for implementing the phone book Any size team for all members to view & manage
Your contacts are automatically set up in the mini phonebook

Website: http://www.diro.io/
Whitepaper: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/fae167_26798553a540495d9c8189932e9c088f.pdf
Announcement Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3266144.msg34032664#msg34032664
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/DiroBlockchain
Twitter : https://twitter.com/DiroLabs

Bitcointalk profile:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1762460

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