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It's no secret that in the modern world large amounts of money are spinning on the Internet. One of the most profitable areas is advertising. Advertising is placed everywhere and, if a site has a large number of visits, advertisers themselves want to place their ads on this site. Even though Internet marketing is a modern direction, but most people are far from the basics of introducing digital advertising. And striving for receiving passive income through the Internet, most of them simply do not have skills for this purpose. Crest Token platform is the first decentralized server where the work of artificial intelligence in the field of Internet marketing is implemented and cryptocurrency is introduced. Crest Token budget is 300 billion dollars. The project's work is aimed at helping users to create advertising and marketing campaigns, allowing them to make more profit. The platform is equipped with automated modern learning algorithms and works through independent advertising servers, which allows earning revenue every day in platform tokens.
Key features of Crest Token
A key feature of the platform is the unique business model, which is completely independent of the instability of cryptocurrency market. The alpha version of the platform is already operating, and as soon as crowdsale is over, the platform will immediately start working in full mode. The platform is being updated daily thanks to the well-coordinated work of programmers, thus always meeting the latest advertising requirements. The project was launched in October 2017 with the launch of the alpha version. The beta version of Crest Token is scheduled to be launched immediately after the end of the crowdsale. The full web version of the platform will be available in September of the current year.
Advantages of working on Crest Token
Referral program is one of the advantages of Crest Token. According to its scheme, a participant receives 10% of the profit of each new user attracted by him/her. All marketing campaigns implemented through Crest Token are at the heart of the platform’s business model, i.e. part of the profit comes to the account of the creators of the project. A user gets the opportunity to receive dividends in the form of CSTT tokens monthly.

Independent experts predict the great success of the project, that will allow cryptocurrency trading not only on the domestic, but also on the foreign exchange.

From the point of view of investment, this project can be safely recognized as beneficial, since Crest Token operates on a decentralized site and is a safe project. A convenient interface and its own cryptocurrency, available for purchase on many cryptocurrency exchanges, contribute to high attendance of the platform and the growth of popularity among users.

Crest Token
CSTT's own cryptocurrency is used to perform calculations on the platform, which allows purchasing templates for developing own marketing campaign. Tokens work on the basis of Ethereum according to the ERC-20 standard and are compatible with many cryptocurrency wallets. Currently, the platform is in the process of the pre-ICO, which lasts until June 18. During the pre-sales, 1 million CSTTs are being sold at a price of up to 1.85 dollars per token. This offer is beneficial for investors compared to the terms of the main crowdsale, which starts on June 18 and lasts for a month. You can purchase CSTT using ETH or BTC. To achieve hardcap, it is necessary to sell 1 500 CSTT. The attracted investments are planned to be spent on the technical development of the platform (15%), reserve in case of force majeure (25%), marketing promotion of the project (20%), payment for team services (15%), etc.

Thus, Crest Token project is an innovative project to educate users about the basics of online advertising and, thanks to the implemented algorithms for developing marketing campaigns, to create their successful, profitable and concise advertising projects. Crest platform includes all the advantages of Internet marketing and artificial intelligence and is aimed at earning income from Crest Token project members, generating cryptocurrency for launching advertising and marketing campaigns and raising the platform's revenues.

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