Casper is a protected and reliable utility for DApp based on Ethereum platform

What is CASPER API ?

it’s an infrastructure project for big data storage on the blockchain, which allows to build a file storage
(photos, video, audio, text files and 3D models), to configure the optimal routes of content delivery (CDN), to store backups, to work with corporate data storage.

: CASPER is different ::

Many global companies in the world being well proven in offering cloud storage services (Amazon, Google etc.), which are used both by individuals, and companies of various size.
and recently, young and ambitious competitors appear who take data storage decentralization as the main principle. Projects (Filecoin, Storj, Sia etc.), which use their own solutions for data storage.
Their basic problem, from our point of view, is difficulty to implement and popularize own blockchain, or dependency on a single blockchain platform, and desire to compete with classic giants.

Casper API have chosen an another way.
Casper API want to see boisterous development of decentralized applications (hereinafter DApp) on any existing and developed blockchain platforms, help their clients to keep data safely and reliably, release the commands that change the world or make it more convenient place thereof from the data storage task thanks to our services.

Cutting-ede casper technologies

Removes intermediaries between users and locations ::

Where data segments are stored. Only users will have access to their information.
Vendor providing storage is not capable of either viewing or editing such data.
To ensure higher file transfer rates, we use a proven peer-to-peer protocol (hereinafter P2P).
Those principles introduced by decentralized applications will enable future reduction of storage costs with respect to DApp, and hence cut costs for end users. This will further enhance their development and increase the spread of such decentralized applications

Using BlockChain

Casper is a file system utility for decentralized applications based on Ethereum, and other blockchain platforms supporting smart contracts.
The blockchain platform is based on a P2P network, participants of which provide resources to perform transactions and calculation. Casper complements the P2P blockchain platform with a storage unit network, which provides HDD file storage service to users, while storage units ensure the network is functioning properly .

Casper use prospects

Casper is a data storage network, which may prove interesting for users of typical cloud services. One Casper’s distinguishing trait is absence of a common fault point, such as a DNS service. However, Casper is built to comply with blockchain principles, i.e., automated implementation of user requests, regulation by network participants, absence of a common point of decision-making, independence from individuals and organizations. This enables sustainable use of Casper DApps without degradation of their characteristics

Casper Features

Casper enables users to upload random files to a cloud service, and access them later from any device.
Casper’s basic features:
● Encoding of stored files
● High file upload/download rate thanks to peer-to-peer technology
● Shared file access
● Feasible data storage pricing
File encoding ensures data is stored confidentially. Each file is encoded at the user’s side before transfer, and only the user keeps encryption keys. Only the user may transfer encryption keys to someone else to share access to the file.

Casper Token

Meet the innovative team behind this tremendous project

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