Blockchain technology offers important solutions for most industries. Among these industries, the finance industry is one of which blockchain technology is the most frequently used. The BitScreener platform that I will talk about in this article is a unified platform with a financial focus to monitor stocks supported by cryptocurrency and blockchain. Stocks and cryptocurrencies are trading in separate areas. By combining this data with a single platform, it aims to provide investors with seamless monitoring both of them. BitScreener is planned to evolve over time and become a unique ecosystem. BitScreener aims to track more than 2000 cryptocurrencies and thousands of different stocks worldwide in real time.

The BitScreener application offers the opportunity to track the integrated cryptocurrency and stock prices supported by BlockChain. Everyone in this ecosystem can add new content to earn rewards. BitScreener has created a blockchain incentive system to increase user interaction and content quality. At the same time, authors and researchers can add new content to the system for awards. Users will be provided with resources such as graphics, charts, news, etc. so that authors can easily create new content in the platform. Contents created by authors will be able to reviewed transparently by the community in the platform.

BitScreener is a platform which has already been working. It is available for download from the IOS app store. The application, which is also available as a web application, has also been published on the Android store. IOS app is here: and the Android app is here: You can download these applications and try them yourself.

Advantages of The Platform
In the platform, one will be able to track more than 5500 cryptocurrencies. And there will be data capture from more than 100 livestock markets. And one can use numerous filtering tools. The platform will provide real-time price and volume warnings on smartphones. Also, there will be technical analysis and enhanced graphics support on the platform.

As we all know, there are many cryptocurrencies in this market and users have divided their investments in different cryptocurrencies to minimize the commercial risk. Cryptocurrencies are also traded on different stock exchanges and people are having trouble tracking cryptocurrency in their portfolio. This is where BitScreener comes in handy. You can use BitScreener to manage your all cryptocurrency investment portfolio. By seeing instant changes in the portfolio, you can track your profits and losses with real-time graphs.

BitScreener also displays information from various cryptocurrency markets and gives you great information about where to sell your currency. BitScreener now supports more than 2000 cryptocurrencies. Thanks to BitScreener you will be able to receive an audible alert when you reach the targets you have set previously. This will be very handy for you because it will give you the opportunity to warn you and take action when prices arrive at what you think is buying.

ICO and Token Information
BitScreener has created its own token called BITX. Users will be rewarded with BITX tokens when they add something to the BitScreener ecosystem. While other cryptocurrencies are being mined, the BitScreen token can be earned by providing valuable content. Compared to traditional rewards, blockchain-based payouts are faster, requiring lower transaction fees. In addition, all financial transfers are 100% transparent.

The BITX token is also spent on the BitScreener platform, for example, users can use the token to pay for premium services. According to the creators, 20% of total token supply (90, 000, 000 BITX) will be phased open with a 15-year process.

Token name: BITX
Platform: Ethereum ERC20
Token Price: 1 ETH = 7154 BITX
Minimum investment amount: 0.2 ETH
Soft cap: 1,000 ETH
Hard cap: 15,000 ETH

The BitScreener platform is a platform that has both a desktop version and a mobile application running online. The most significant thing that sets BitScreener apart from its competitors is the rewarding of content creators. ICO sales have already reached huge quantities. For this reason, this project is promising for investors looking for fast and complete access to financial information for reasonable fees.

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