Augmented reality is an innovation that has been exciting for the last 5 years. Applications of additional reality appeared for smartphones and virtual reality glasses. The aim of the invention is to "cross" virtual reality with the real world. A person, looking through the device, sees the world, but at the same time "there are", for example, fictional characters, buildings and other things that decorate reality.
For an additional reality advertisers, as well as companies and retail chains have long been eyeing. The goal here is clear, for the first - is the profit from advertising, for the second - the attraction of new customers. This idea was picked up by a team of crypto-experts working on the Arround project. They are developing the world's first decentralized advertising network for additional reality. The goal of the project is to unite consumers, advertisers, owners of various networks and companies and developers of additional reality devices.

As a result, each side will receive:
Owners of networks, companies, freelancers. In general, those who need to advertise their goods and services will be able to do this qualitatively through the Arround network, attracting all those who have devices of additional reality.

Advertisers. They will provide advertising services, of course they will get profit from this.

Consumers. For them, the network has tremendous opportunities. In addition to information about discounts and promotions, you can leave feedback about the institutions. You will have your own profile, the filter function will be able to weed out unnecessary advertising, and highlight all the proposals that suit your interests. The network will retain information about those who used to be here, learn about impressions, and also contact them. When creating a request for the necessary thing, the Arround network will tell you where to find it and point it out, if you find yourself near this place. If you witnessed the incident, the "DVR" function will be able to record everything and put it on the network, and anonymously.

Developers of devices and software of additional reality. Increase the demand for more advanced devices, additional reality, and through the introduction of their applications, additional reality in the Arround network will be able to receive additional income from this.
The Arround network will launch its own token, which is created on the ERC20 protocol. A total of 3 billion tokens have been created, but after the end of the ICO, all unsold tokens will be "burned." The price for an ICO of one token will be $ 0.035. It is designed for buying and renting "advertising space", as well as for ordinary buying and selling.
Summarizing, we can conclude that the team took up an interesting idea. If the successful scenario, an additional opportunity to promote their goods and services will be given to firms, retail chains, as well as individual entrepreneurs. Users will be able to receive only up-to-date information about offers and will be able to screen out all unnecessary and boring advertising. Advertisers additional income.

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