Music has so beautifully conquered our minds and hearts that now it has become impossible to imagine the life without it. Music is like a therapy that relaxes and freshens up our minds, the way it soothes the heart cannot be to put into words. To put on in a layman's words music is the form of art, which through the medium of sound express the emotions. Musicians and singers are the most liked people on the planet today. People are going gaga over various forms of music and for some, the music love is a passion. There are thousands of music festivals organized all over the world today. Everyone dreams to go to these festivals as these are the ways through which fans can meet their favorite idols and can also see them live. To many of us going to a music festival is like a dream come true. The feeling of watching our idols performing right in front of us is the best one ever. It is true fact that music festivals are gaining a lot of attention and importance all over the world, but for many a people going to one remains forever a dream. The prices of the tickets are hell high and not everyone can afford it. Also, there is a huge competition to get the tickets because of the music mania. Not everyone is able to get the tickets and music festivals stays a dream for us.
Then one day, I met a really amazing platform named Amicorum. Amicorum has its dictionary meaning as a gathering of friends. The platform has such an attractive name and so are its features. Amicorum is a blockchain based decentralized platform that will disrupt the ticket resale industry by its innovatively built platform. The platform aims at being the most secure, transparent and free of any transaction fee for buying and selling the authenticated tickets. Through this platform, the sellers will be able to sell their tickets to those in need using a market-feed oracle. The price can be converted into AMI tokens and can be used in real time. This platform will let the buyers buy the Tickets through the AMI tokens. Tickets will be completely original and the authentication is done using smart contracts. The use of AMI token will eliminate fraudulent tickets and there will be 0 transaction fees and 0 processing fees. The token issued by the platform is AMI token. This token fuels the amicorum platform by its ERC_20 compatibility. These tokens are the utility tokens which will be used for selling and purchasing of the tickets in the secondary ticket market. The platform incentivizes the interest of people toward music and helps them to fulfill their dreams and takes their music mania to a new level.

Who does not want to visit those fascinating concerts by their favorite artists? Music is the love of many people and music festivals provide a platform for the interaction of celebrity and fans. How sad it would be for those who do not get to go to these festivals because all the tickets have been sold out. Amicorum is a fantastic platform to satisfy your love for music. The platforms provide the authenticated tickets at very affordable prices, making it possible for everyone to live their dreams. The platform is built by a team of high tech blockchain developers, scientists, and advisors. Being a huge music fan, I am very much in support of this platform. I love the way the platform works, but the platform will obviously face a huge competition in the market because of the presence of many similar platforms.



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