The Athero Platform Review

Despite the very fact that innovative technology is more and more penetrating our daily lives, we have a tendency to cannot absolutely use it. What hinders this? On the one hand, this can be a weak base of support, on the opposite hand, we have a tendency to ourselves don't seem to be brave and solely believe a bit in new opportunities. However, some corporations devote themselves to implementing all their capabilities. One such project is Athero, whose representatives offered us to use a large vary of remarkable services.


The Athero project itself is a world decentralized network, supported work, based on the blockchain, interacting with neural networks. Athero's main goal is to compile several innovative technologies in one platform and alter folks to use them for his or her own functions. each people and legal entities are going to be accepted to figure on the platform, which is able to settle for not solely full access to the platform, however, will be ready to create cash. The creators of the Athero platform are attempting to fill the gap within the introduction of innovative technology in our lives.

Athero Features


Decentralization contributes to security, potency and fully eliminates the chance of network failure.


The Athero Project works with partners in several sectors, however with the involvement of innovative technologies like the blockchain.

New technology

Ather Representatives forever follow innovation, collaborating with analysis establishments, that results in the safe use of technology.


Thanks to mobile devices, the Athero project brings blockchain technology to a replacement level and popularizes it among several users.

Innovative Features-Athero

Representatives of the Athero project provide everybody who gets access to the platform to require advantage of such opportunities:

Create your own decentralized application;

Use alternative decentralized applications;

Use the Wi-Fi solar network to access the web. Such opportunities can seem within the inhabitants of cities referred to as smart;

Motor vehicle owners are going to be ready to use good parking technology, and this successively can result in the creation of entire good cities;

Receive interesting data and send your own;

They will be ready to use air and pollution sensors for his or her own functions.

As we see, their square measure several opportunities for improvement. it's also price noting that because of such opportunities, the Athero community can develop apace. and since it isn't definitely worth the delay - it's higher to instantly be a part of and become Tho token holders.

What is Tho Coin?

A scheme which mixes Finance, Blockchain and also the net Of Things. advanced platform hinge on high of the Ehereum blockchain.

THO could be a world, open supply, and localized mainframe computer that anyone will access. Secured, trusty and quick increasing.

Athero Tho token is listed at many high tier cryptocurrency exchanges. Our team has reached preliminary agreements with representatives of those markets.
• Smart contract applications (DAaps)
• Decentralized p2p network
• Wifi prepared star good bench network (IOT)
• Smart automotive parking technology(IOT)
• Receiving and distributing IOT knowledge
• Decentralized domain system with prepared knowledge sharing
• Air and pollution good sensors (IOT)
• Decentralized exchange
• Fast increasing community

Token Sale info

Start: Sept twenty, 2018, Saturday, 11:00 AM (GMT)
End: January twenty, 2019, Friday, 11:00 AM (GMT)
Soft cap: $18,000,000
Tokens exchange rate: one Tho = 0.04 USD
Token: THO









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