Nowadayswhilst the cryptocurrency industry is developing, the number of its participants increases as well as the number of operations between them, where most of the interactions are remote and are made once with unfamiliar people.

The reasn for this kind of cooperation, where buyers and sellers can meet once, is the necessity to buy or sell crypto for fiat, ignoring overestimated exchange-point prices, which can be found at exchanges like
Besides crypto trading and cashing, sometimes there is a need to purchase existing exchange accounts or others, like already created accounts at or Telegram channels, in ordero start your ownwn business in the cryo-world.

These kikind of deals may also consist of some risks and may not be secure at all as there is a possibility of loosing almost everything. However, the lack of any guarantee forces people to take te risks. But onlonly secured and proven services can turn these deals safely inreality!

Despite te the huge amount of market offers, we often come upon contractor’s dishonesty or even consumer’s improbity. Therefore guarantors are indeed a irement!

In mutuautual settlements (done in crypto or fiat) it is necessary to involve a third party, which would control the deals. Nevertheless, with the interest to cryptocurrency expanding, numerous scam activities and their participants are alsoreasing.

The probproblem is that understanding tle of a guaranterantee in a classic way is not really appropriate for cryptocurrencies, because as bigger sums are involved the lack of trust to any person can as well. So, wha, what we are talking about is the guarantee for crypto deals, where we would trust not just the one person, but the platform, which takis role.

After aler all, not knowing enough information about the other partner, besides his internet contacts that are really tough to check, makes one wish to have some kind of a buffer of safety, which could guarantee the security of any deal in the crypto-world, where this guarantor would cope with all the unreasonable complaints, whilst the consumers are receiving their products and developers are doiir work.

We bring bring to your attention the project that turns this kind of platform into reality through our appL GUARD. What Dehat Deal Guard offers is a third party role in all those types of interactions, where based on the smart contract both sides will secure their deals. The DEAL GUARD service is about delivering and receiving products or services in the cryrld.

Our Our goal is to simplify the deals’ safety, making its processes fast and reliable. If you would like to buy or sell cryptocurrency, tokens, accounts, development services or any other goods or services from the internet , DEAL GUARD would care about the safety of those deals. We, as intermediaries, ensure that both parties receive the proper product or work performed in the absence of claims from both sides. In case some claim occurs, we will deal wlso.**Roadmap:****

STAR*Q1 2019) - Start(Q1 2019)** - Start the main nete public**
pre-salee pQ3 2019) - selli1-Q3 2019)** - selling coins for launching masternode, distributing coins, such more**
Pool (Q2Q3 2019) - launcQ2-Q3 2019)** - launching a pool for mining with more than0+ coins**
Masterno900+ coins *-Q3-2019 - in oue Q2-Q3-2019** - in our service you can create masternodes orts it.**
FreelancupQ3-2019) - work nce (Q3-2019)** - work for which pay cryptocurrenrformers**
beta tesd performers *Q3 2019) - testiform (Q3 2019)** - testing freelance platform wc access**
Cryptocupublic access **CryQ3-2020) - launcge (Q1-Q3-2020)** - launch of an international platform oins **COIN***


  • Cperties:*
  • Masterno** * Card 55%*
  • Mast* Mast amount 1500 coins*
  • Masternoe amount 15ons * 15
  • Coinernodeaturity 15 blocks*
  • Target spacing 5 minutes*
  • Target timespan 5 minutes*
  • Transact timespan 5 ons 6 blocks*
  • Bloc chalving 150000 blocks*
  • Coin supply 21300000 coins*
  • Premine amount 300000 coins *or 10 MN*
  • 10 maste0000 coins for sale*
  • 1500masteUNTY


Emai BAUNTY Support contacts Email supportd.me
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