Without energy, we are as good as the cavemen who lived before the Industrial Age changed the face of the Earth forever. While global energy demand continues to grow dramatically, huge differences remain between developed countries and the rest of the world. We obtain most of our energy needs today from fossil fuels. Our industries are also powered by non renewable sources of energy.

In spite of the disadvantages of the non renewable sources of energy, the main energy resource that powers the world today remains to be these sources itself. Massive amounts of fossil fuels are being burnt every single day at an alarming rate that not only threatens the depletion of the non renewable resources but also the production of massive amounts of air pollution that is generated from burning these fuels.The time is ripe for a change. The time is here for a revolution.

Why WPP Energy

WPP will deploy a number of energy solutions including: Waste to Energy Power Plants, Hydro Electric Power Plants, Biomass Power Plants, HHO Mobile Power Stations or HHO Power Plant Conversions, Solar Power, Construction of Green Villages or Smart Cities and Agricultural Towers.

Over the long term, the global electricity market will be governed by new technologies to balance, store and trade energy between multiple intelligent - most probably blockchain-driven - participants. While new market conditions might be a serious threat for traditional players, they offer massive opportunity for the global, flexible and smart solutions that WPP Energy provides.

WPP ENERGY has signed contracts with several countries around the world, valued at over $50B USD, commencing with an initial implementation of $6B. The contracts have been established on a federal government level for the production of green power for a continuous 35 year period.

WPP Exchange Platform

The WPP Exchange Platform is a soon to be released cryptocurrency exchange with a focus on crypto-to-crypto trading of energy and crypto mining cryptocurrencies and digital tokens. WPP ENERGY’S Green Energy Platform is being created to reduce the cost of green energy globally, initially, through the use of WPP’s technologies, partnerships, licenses, affiliates and third-party relationships.

This will result in increased liquidity for all participating cryptocurrencies by allowing the various currencies to trade against one another. At least 20 different energy related cryptocurrencies will be tradable in the platform.

WPP’s signed government contracts business is ever expanding and will include upcoming announcements in several areas including the future creation of entire green villages and cities to house up to 200,000 people, constructed in just two years, and vertical agricultural greenhouse towers

Suppliers to this platform can change the power generation industry for the benefit of Municipalities;Corporations and Consumers. Our disruptive energy technologies are capable of producing significant savings.
The deployment of the new Global Green Energy Platform will encrease WPP’s ability to further reduce the cost of energy production, positioning the Platform to become the world’s central hub for renewable energy trading.

Target Markets

The WPP ENERGY MOBILE POWER STATION is an ideal power solution for the energy demands of many industries including hotels, shopping malls, schools, communities in need of an instant low cost clean energy power source and/or wishes to unplug from their current provider and form their own lowest cost power grid, including an emerging energy consumption crisis from requirements of cryptocurrency miners. The Mobile Power Station is also ideal solution for Military.

Mobile Power Station

Introducing the next generation of WPP ENERGY MOBILE POWER STATION which is housed inside a sealed heavy duty 40 foot Container. This is a turnkey HHO power plant that will produce between 1MW/h and 2.5MW/h as a stand alone independent solution requiring only an input of a regular water line hook-up. Our innovative technology converts water into HHO mixed with a safe environmental application to generate clean and green power.

The cost of power produced by the WPP MOBILE POWER STATION is a fraction of traditional power sources. It can be delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the world. The ease of transport by air, by rail, by sea, by truck or by heavy duty helicopter means that areas in the world that are not power serviced or that are under-serviced will have a viable and immediate power source.


Official contacts of the company:

Website: https://wppenergy.io//
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