HUBRISONE Creating a Friendly Bank with Blockchain

Alternative financing refers to economic channels, approaches and units emerging from the door of a traditional financial system that includes regulated banks and capital markets. Examples of alternative financing activities thru online marketplaces are praise primarily based crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding, peer-to-peer client and commercial enterprise lending, bill buying and selling third birthday celebration payment systems.

Alternative finance contraptions include cryptocurrencies which include Bitcoin, social effect bond, community shares, private placement and other shadow banking mechanisms. Alternative finance differs to conventional banking or capital market finance through era-enabled disintermediation, this means that utilising 3 party capital with the aid of connecting fundraisers without delay with funders, in turn, reducing transactional expenses and enhance market efficiency

HubrisOne is a cryptocurrency pleasant digital currency account, with seamless cryptocurrency integration permitting our clients to immediately create GBP, EUR and USD financial institution bills in seconds, execute move-border bills using the Stellar Blockchain and OmiseGo Plasma, consolidate all of their modern-day financial institution debts into one app and leverage our crypto-sponsored lending facilities.

Our vision is to become the connector between the old global of finance and banking to the brand new international of cryptocurrencies.In a brand new, comfy, regulated and person-friendly way. There is a want for a regulated, relied on and authorized visit solution/platform that gives a supporting hand to new traders into the cryptocurrency market, whilst still maintaining the importance of their relied on banking system they use on a daily basis.

We should now not make the mistake to attempt to get rid of banks but as an alternative to enhance their contemporary strategies and services on provide by way of leveraging the generation such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies. We purpose to grow to be the world’s first cryptocurrency friendly digital bank, completely criticism and regulated within the United Kingdom. Just believe, your each day banking centers, bills and cryptocurrency wallets side by means of side. Banking made digital, comfortable and cryptocurrency friendly.

We as a network have efficaciously built protocols, infrastructure, blockchains and scaling mechanisms. Now we want actual international applications regular human beings will use on the way to growth the adoption fee and we aren't referring to Dapps. This is why HubrisOne have entered the arena. To provide an multi function virtual private banking approach to Cryptocurrency. It’s similar to your bank these days however you could additionally get entry to your cryptocurrency wallets directly from your app.

HubrisOne can be leveraging OmiseGo white-label blockchain software, Stellar blockchain for worldwide payments and Ethereum for the Hubris software token to get admission to features and receive reductions. HubrisOne plans to offer you an multi function banking and cryptocurrency solution for you to simplify get admission to and boom the publicity of cryptocurrencies to the loads,familiarity breeds adoption.

The problems that we are having?

  • Innovative tech, no real application: Unfair fees.
  • Banking the unbanked: Hubrisone will not have a bank account.
  • It doesn’t allow you to reach all areas of life.
  • If you are a banker, you can’t need it.

Hubrisone's solution

  • Create a user-friendly application. Handle all your banking transactions
  • Allows users to apply blockchain technology
  • Support customers anytime, anywhere
  • After completing the KYC process.
  • Quick transaction and low cost

Token Details

Token Name: —————————— Hubris / HBRS

Token Blockchain: ———————— ERC20

Fixed Supply: —————————— 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion)

Token Sale Allocation: —————— 65% (650M Hubris)

Soft Cap: ————————————- $ 900,000 ($ 900K)

Hard Cap: ———————————– $ 10,000,000 ($ 10M)

Road map

ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Android app and app release. Here is the whole Road map:

Team mates

It is well said that the HUBRISONE team is strong and well balanced. It was a great deal of attention. It is obviously not a HUBRISONE. They are well judge of technology and current market research.

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