DOMINIUM — The Decentralised Property Platform

The Dominiuplatform has beeeen working since 1833 in the authentic estate sector, where skillful professionals with extensive experience in this field work.Modern technologies has greatly influenced the development of the modern world. Still not everything is facile in that environment, however, life does not stop and aptitudinal(skilled) developers work every day to solve these quandaries.

Commencement of the quandary of the ecumenical authentic estate market lies in the fact that, the utilization of obsolete technology, which, in turn, are astronomically constrained for its operation, such as being subject to regulation by agents and financial institutions. Languages ​​and financial barriers withal affect the market, making it a remuneratively lucrative but often inaccessible place. Dominium solves these quandaries by placing a finance property, property management, and lists in the block and chain of standardized multi-language platform normative documentation, it opens the market of sundry nationalities, availability levels and agents of listing. Consequently, finance, management and authentic estate trade are amplified and simplified.

Utilizing the subsidiary cha Ardor, Dominium will rereceive the compulsory regulatory licenses, which sanction the engenderment of standardized licit templates for the financing of properties. This will sanction companies to develop standards for owners to buy Dominium accounts. And since assets are engendered in a chain of blocks, their owners are assured consummate security and transparency. In additament, Dominium is ensured by a portfolio of authentic estate assets that engender income and provide future development and maintenance of the platform.

The company board of directors are Sven Thomas Munte, Mark Lloyd, Marco Reimann and Esther Dekker. Mr Munte is the chairman of the company and he has been managing properties since 90s. Mr Loyd who has six established businesses is the managing director of Dominium. Reimann who is the director of finance is a tax adviser since 2014 with experience of working in auditions since 1996. The last but not the least, Mr Dekker who serves as the property director has over 10 years working in real estate industry.

The company is blessed with many experienced advisors in real estate and blockchain industry. Notable among them are Jacco van Herwaarden who serves as compliance advisor, Maarten Dirks (blockchain advisor), Paula Ruffel (legal advisor) and Gudo Thijssen (marketing advisor). Dominium main partners are Confidon, Acarius, John Savva and Adpublisher

The Problems

The global real estate market capitalization is recorded to be more than 217 trillion dollars and by taking a deep look at the real estate industry, we will see that this is an industry that is very slow to adopt new innovations and technologies. This has made this giant industry not to be lucrative and intuitive market for users of this century. Since the advent of the Internet, there has been many technology which can reduce centralization and financial constraints that is slowing the growth of real state market.

How Does The Platform Works?

Dominium made use of Ardor Blockchain. By using Ardor Blockchain, the platform can be used to decentralized trading of real estate assets and rental agreements, and other real estate modus operandi like property management and purchase agreements management.

Dominium is a legal compliance company that is ready to work in accordance with the laws of any country that the company will operate. Dominium assets on Ardor Blockchain will be completely transparent and will be easy to trade with the aim of increasing assets liquidity which is very hard in conventional real estate platforms.

One of the key goals of Dominium is to be a platform that will be user friendly for users who want to operate in a multilingual ecosystem with different major currencies and many fully decentralized options for real estate investments.


The DOM token is the currency for the platform, it will be used for the settlement of various fees, sales of properties as well as payment of rents, it's an international property platform that will adhere and tailor her services to local rules and regulations of any country.

Dominium BUY BACK AND BURN program has been designed to ensure the token always increase in value.

The Dominium public ITO is on. To buy DOM, [please click here

Why do we need tokenization or why do we need a Dm token?

Creatiion of assets, Asset trading
Creation of tickets to the support service
Voting for charity
Putting up property for sale. Leasing of property for rent
Registration of a lease agreement
Registration of a purchase agreement

The Dominium token redemption program guarantees the safety of the token value regardless of fluctuations in the rate of the crypto currency market or platform performance.

Information on the project's tokens
Name: DOM
Protocol: ERC20
Available volume: 1 000.000.000 DOM
Of these, for sale: 700 million DOM
Minimal purchase: 100 DOM
Price: from € 0.10 to € 0.25 (depending on which stage)
With the help of which coins can you buy: EUR, BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, NXT, ARDOR
Softcap: 2,500,000 EUR
Hardcap: 92,500,000 EUR

Dominium ICO Roadmap

Dominium ICO Team

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