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Cryptonity means to pass on awesome vibrations to Crypto World, mishandling the "fundamental advantages" technique of general trade. They will release their own specific token called Cryptonity Token with a XNY ticker. We will probably be a trade that is regarded by the Cryptocurrency community. We go for giving the most exhaustive, secure, straightforward and collective trade stage in the market. We need to convey great vibes to the Crypto World, breaking with the 'main benefit' arrangement of generally trades.

The Cryptonity token will be impelled at first in the Ethereum blockchain. As soon as possible, Cryptonity expect to develop their own Blockchain, and will start tackling it straightforwardly after the offer of Token Sale. Regardless, Cryptonity trusts that present digital currency trades including those that have been accessible for a long time can be upgraded from various perspectives. Perfection is uncommonly difficult to achieve, anyway we are endeavoring to approach it to the degree we can.


Cryptonity is introducing a trade that gives an entire arrangement of apparatuses and highlights is a considerably all the more difficult aspiration. At Cryptonity, we are aware of the time, self-venture, energy and diligent work a task like this requests. In any case, we do trust that the present trades, including the individuals who have been in the market for quite a while, can be enhanced from multiple points of view. Flawlessness is difficult to reach, however we endeavor to draw near to it, as much as we can.

We additionally trust that in a trade venture, with respect to some other business, the client is the lord, and ought to be dealt with as a ruler, or a ruler. Our clients/clients are the ones who utilize our devices, trust to guard their cash, and along these lines enable us to assemble our notoriety and validity in the market. So they have the right to be tuned in to and to be treated with care.

In view of our encounters in cryptographic money as brokers and mineworkers who have been dynamic clients of current stages, we do trust that we have the learning and the abilities expected to manufacture the digital money trade you've been sitting tight for.

That logic is the plain base of our task. Cryptonity is the mix of Crypto and Community. It's basic however solid and important, as we will probably be a trade that is regarded by the Cryptocurrency Community


At Cryptonity, we go for giving the most thorough, secure, straightforward and community oriented trade stage in the market.

The main key part of our platform is security. To go advance in ensuring our clients the most secure exchanging knowledge, we will setup a protection arrangement to discount our clients if there should arise an occurrence of misfortunes, because of an assault. To accomplish that objective, we will work with the best known security specialists in the market, be inspected two times every year by autonomous security organizations, and convey our review results to the majority of our clients. Our security accomplices will be said on our site. You will find more insights about our protection approach bel beneath, in the Exchange Principles area.

The other vital viewpoint is that in the cryptonity stage they collaborate with clients one on one to ensure there issues are unraveled and conveyed to them. Moreover the cryptonity stage has a tendency to gives all interchanges channels which will have all most ideal dialects so to empower with their dialects to collaborate and imparts straightforwardly the cryptonity network.


We will detail some features the Cryptonity Exchange will provide, at the launch, and also the ones we will develop according to our roadmap, step by step.

Security tools:

You will find below the list of security features we plan to implement on our exchange. Some of them will be available at the launch, the others will come on a regular pace, as they are being developed.

  • The email for new login with IP address mentioned can be disabled.
  • Security secret questions and anti-phishing code.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) through Google Authenticator and Authy.
  • FIDO U2F Security Key implementation on compatible devices.
  • Fingerprint unlock available for Cryptonity phone apps
  • Automatic generation of a PDF with 2FA QR Code and Reset Key to be able to print them

Matching engine

We aim at providing one of the most powerful matching engine on the market. We will support the following three types of orders:

  • Market Orders
  • Limit Orders
  • Stop-Loss Orders

Fiat deposits & withdrawals:

Users will be able to deposit and withdraw FIAT currencies through SEPA and International SWIFT Bank Transfers, once their account is verified. This feature will be implemented as soon as possible, once our negotiation with organisations to get the licence is done. Details will be communicated on Cryptonity.

Analysis & strategy tools:

To help our users make analysis on their trades and build their strategies, we will implement a “Portfolio” feature that will enable them to easily track their gains and losses for each trade, configure price alerts, and many other options to be detailed on the platform.

Forks & airdrops:

We plan to support forks but some forks/airdrops are doubtful or useless projects. We would like to let the community help us choose the right projects.

In the future, we will implement an “Airdrop” feature to give our users the possibility to participate to an Airdrop, to get credited directly on his/her Cryptonity Exchange account, and to trade the coin or token directly on our exchange, when it will be listed

Proof-of-stake wallets, staking & masternode:

We aim at being one of the first exchanges to support staking rewards for our customers. We believe that this is actually the best argument we have, to convince the crypto-community to use Cryptonity Exchange rather than any other exchange

If a user holds Proof-of-Stake coins on Cryptonity, we will credit his/her staking onto his/her wallet. Proof-of-Stake Rewards feature is planned for Q3 2019.

We will also consider implementing Masternode feature in the future.

Token and Funds Allocation



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