Cointorox the Best Reserved System for Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

Cryptocurrencies are considered digital money for technology enthusiasts. Occupants should understand that due to the volatility in the market, complex technology supporting the block chain has become a necessary application to stay current with the entire industry. At the same time, the exponential growth of the crypto-currency industry has brought thousands of new crypto currencies, which are much more difficult and challenging for new users. In these crypto currencies Cointorox is a new crypto-currency project.

Cointorox is a unique platform which offers cryptocurrency savings packages that are simple. The major mission and aim of the platform is to make the process of acquiring cryptocurrencies and storing them as savings easier. Cointorox Packages provide users an opportunity to acquire well-regarded cryptocurrencies in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. Cointorox Packages can be treated as a ‘digital piggybank’ where your savings are stored and handled in cryptocurrencies. These packages can be purchased via PayPal and credit/debit cards. The users of Cointorox Packages have the opportunity to get well-regarded cryptocurrencies in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

By purchasing the packages, users are granted specified cryptocurrencies and ‘Cointorox Token (ROX)’, a utility token on the Cointorox Platform. Each package contains distributed % of multiple cryptocurrencies (coins handpicked by the Cointorox team to ensure users are purchasing well-regarded and relatively low-risk coins/tokens).

Some pproblems:

• created complicated processes of purchasing cryptocurrencies
• confused procedures of obtaining cryptographic forms of money;
• finding a nearby web based exchanging supporting fiat store
• long time taken for ID confirmation process
• deferred bank exchanges
• problems of choosing strong ventures and building a dependable speculation portfolio;
• requires far reaching comprehension of the business and innovation
• new clients are regularly required to put in monstrous measures of time and exertion in understanding the business sectors
• High dangers required with false undertakings and advisors and some more.


Cointorox is a comprehensive cryptocurrency platform offering various solutions.
• Digital Piggy-bank
• ERC Token Exchange
• Faucet for Tokens
• Airdrop Central
• Cryptocurrency Merchandise Store
• Blockchain and Browser Based Games

ERC Token ExchangeCointorox will feature an ERC token exchange. This trading platform will only list Ethereum based tokens and users will be able to trade these tokens with the basic pair of Bitcoin (BTC).All OROX token holders are eligible for discounts on the trading fees. OROX will also be used as a form of payment for all listing fees.

About The Token :

The token is having a ticker symbol (OROX), and it is the native currency used in this ecosystem. It can serve utility functions and grant users access to the unique features in this platform. To the users, 10% of this token will be distributed to them and that will kickstart their use of the features of the platform. Asides this, for users to continue their use of the incredible features of the setup, they have to pay a certain token amount with the OROX token after which they will be free to use the system.

The platform is unique because it has unique features. Let's look at some of them now. Users can instantly capture all savings on external wallets. It is also possible to lock the saving for a certain period of time. On the platform, you have the saving-gift feature, which is a digital coupon for friends and family. This property is really unusual. You can add new coins to your portfolio at any time, and you'll be able to cancel recurring monthly savings and resume if you wish.

Project Roadmap :

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