The global market worth of cryptocurrency has been estimated to be 200 billion USD with bitcoin leading all other cryptocurrency. This coupled with active users of cryptocurrency user have also been estimated to be 5 million. This means there is still a big chance for more users in relation to the global population around the world. Cryptocurrency transaction takes places every nano second globally. The innovation of the blockchain technology with the success of bitcoin the first ever cryptocurrency has brought about the global acceptability brings about the innovation of other cryptocurrency around the world. This has yielded great investments for investors and great gain for traders who go about their daily activities, thanks to cryptocurrency.

It is a broad chain decentralized network made up for different individuals globally with the aim of making profit and investing in a speedy, secure and transparent means. The trading and investment via initial coin offering comes via making the right decision dependent on few clicks over an interface. Based on our human judgement which is believed to be the right decision with regards to cryptocurrency volatility. Some make the right decision yielding profits, and some make the wrong one resulting to a total loss. This has been a great problem to active cryptocurrency user who trade via exchangers globally. This problem has brought about the BOTX coin, a future token for financial freedom using profitable trading robot in all cryptocurrency. The BOTX Robot will be based on four algorithms in the robot development in determining and executing the right decision for the right trade. The Robot will work every 12 seconds for 24 hours a day, yielding profits and making right trading and investment decisions while sleep based on the algorithms.

In the future BOTXCOIN will come up with its own exchanger BOTXPRO where details of exchangers with awesome potential profits can be made and BOTXAPP, a trading robot application that can be utilized in major cryptocurrency exchangers all over the world. BotXcoin is a sign of the future for financial freedom which gives the functional sign to use our profitable trading robot in Exchange cryptocurrency all around the world. The purpose of this project is to use trading robot (BOTX App) and build a multi cryptocurrency foreign trade (BOTXPRO).

BotXcoin is a platform for the future of the token is built on blockchain Ethereum (ERC-20). In a short time botXcoin project will release a trading robot applications (BOTX App) that can be utilized at a main cryptocurrency Exchanges throughout the world. The ultimate goal of the project was the launch of Exchange botXcoin multi-cyrptocurrency named BOTXPRO.

We treat our investors (buyers botXcoin) as a partner. We care about our investment protection are to ensure to the maximum extent.

Main principle utilities of botXcoin Tokens:
1)Running Trading Robot Application (BOTX APP) -BotXcoin Token can be utilized for utilizing the exchanging robot application (BOTX APP). There is sharing benefit association program will be applicabled in this capacity. Token holder will get 80% from the exchanging benefit and the rest 20% will be added to organization.
2)Trading Token -BotXcoin Token will be the fundamental exchanging pair for all Tokens and cryptographic forms of money on botXcoin trade stage (BOTXPRO). Alongside that the botXcoin Token likewise can be exchanged the real digital currency trades sooner rather than later.
3)Unwaveringness program as remuneration for token holders or automated revenue (max 250 million botXcoin tokens) -BotXcoin Token can be utilized in the unwaveringness program to get compensate or automated revenue that giving in the site . This program will running until max 250 million botXcoin tokens spent.
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