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Based on the Blockchain technology,we need to create a complete answer for the users of the adult entertainment enterprise.Away from governmental manipulate,far from credit card payments and the sharing of this information. Adult X Token (ADUX) is a future Adult X amusement venture that is based over the Ethereum blockchain. The objective here is to stratify into the most essential specialties on the Adult media outlet on one stage and furnish the client with a decentralized system, with advantageous dealing with.

There have usually been a need to create an improved permitting surroundings for adult enjoyment. Now, the Adult X Token Project or ADUX pursuits at revamping grownup entertainment,in one of these way that opens better use possibilities and advantages for participants.

“Adult X Token “(ADUX) and its coordination on” ADUxHub “offer a flat out, at no other time seen” across the board ” answer for the Adult entertainment outlet. With the market, live Webcams and informal community dependent on blockchain innovation, the whole Adult entertainment outlet is drawing closer, as models/specialists and organizations from various specialties in the business can attract regard for “Aduxub”.

ADUxPay Visa Cards integrates using cryptocurrency with fiat currencies,as managed on the ADUX decentralized platform.There are a number of card options to choose from, accordingly allowing customers an possibility to maximize price and withdrawal functions easily.

In light of blockchain innovation, they make an extensive answer for clients of this industry. Far from government control, far from charge card installments and the trading of this information, and digital currency and the making of new open doors offered by this innovation. Under the witticism ” Adult X token-across the board Adult X arrangement Entertainment industry”, this task ought to be executed by 2019.

In light of the Blockchain innovation, we need to make an aggregate answer for the clients of this industry. Far from legislative control, far from Visa installments and the sharing of this information, and towards installment by cryptographic forms of money and the formation of new open doors offered by this innovation.

Under the aphorism “Grown-up X Token – All in One Solution for the Adult Entertainment Industry”, this undertaking is to be executed by 2019.

The name of the principal stage will be “ADUxHub” – the point here is to package the most critical specialties of the grown-up media outlet on one stage and to give the client a decentralized system, with easy to use dealing with.

With the end goal to accomplish the objective of an “all – in – one arrangement”, the „ADUxHub” stage will incorporate a rebate framework where clients will get rebates on items/administrations of our future accomplice organizations as a voucher, a grown-up live webcam demonstrate stage and an informal organization.

The installment is to be made by the in-house “Grown-up X Token” (ADUX), yet in addition by other basic digital currencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC).

After the effective making of the stage, there will be a prepaid card. It will be classified “ADUxPay Prepaid Card” and along these lines incorporated as a further method for installment on the stage. The “ADUxPay Prepaid Card” will likewise be used as an overall type of installment wherever e.g. Visa/Mastercard is acknowledged.

Likewise, models/entertainers will get an “ADUxPay Prepaid Card Classic” and in this manner have the capacity to promptly discard the earned cash. The correct month to month/quarterly designs can be found in this white paper under the heading “Guide”. The most imperative foundations of the venture are clarified in more detail underneath.

About X Adult Tokens

Based on Blockchain technology, we want to create a total amount for this industry user. Far from control, away from credit card payments and data sharing, and cryptocurrency payments and capabilities available by this technology. Under the motto “Adult X Tokens – All in One Solution for the Adult Entertainment Industry”, this project will be implemented in 2019.

The name of the main platform is “ADUxHub” – freedom here is to help you on a network platform and to provide users with a decentralized network, with easy handling.

To achieve the goal of the “all-in-one solution”, the “ADUxHub” platform will provide a discount system anywhere that will receive discounts on products / services from our company through voucher forms, live adult reality webcam platforms and social networks. Payments must be made by in-house “Adult X Token” (ADUX), but also by crypto currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC).

After creating a successful platform, there will be a prepaid card. This will be called the “ADUxPay Prepaid Card” and thus works as a further payment tool on the platform. “ADUxPay Prepaid Cards” can also be used as payments throughout the world, for example. Visa / Mastercard accepted. In addition to the model / player you will receive an “ADUxPay Classic Prepaid Card” and you can immediately search for the money obtained. The right quarterly plan can be found on this white paper under the “Roadmap” post. More details from below.


  • Discount– and Deal Marketplace
  • Adult Live Webcams
  • Video On Demand, Video Sharing
  • Social Networking Platform
  • Affiliate Program
  • Mobile App for Android and iOS


  • Own banking/financial service provider
  • ADUxPay Prepaid Card Classic
  • ADUxPay Prepaid Card VIP
  • ADUxPay Prepaid Card Business
  • An cryptocurrency gateway and a wallet.


December 19, 2013 : Foundation of the company “sevensale online GmbH” in Vienna / Austria

February 1, 2017 : First Brainstorm on the creation of “All-In-One” -Rating for the entertainment industry for adults.

July 15, 2018 : ADUX, launching the ICO website

August 31, 2018 : ADUX, the beginning of the pre-sale of the ADUX token (40% bonus).

September 12, 2018 : Marketing, launching Airdrop Campaing via “ADUxDropBot” on Telegram.

September 24, 2018 : Marketing, launching the Bounty campaign via the bitcoint forum

September 24, 2018 : ADUxHub, Announcement of the first deals for the market of discounts and deals.

September 30, 2018 : ADuxHub, running Alpha Version (public, preview only), registration is open for beta testing.

October 15, 2018 : ADUxPay, Live-Release mobile wallet ADUxPay (for Android and iOS).

October 22, 2018 : ADUxHub, beta launch (public, preview only), beta test start.

October 22, 2018 : Marketing, Airdrop campaign participants (through “ADUxDropBot”) will receive their ADUX tokens

October 31, 2018 : ADUX, the beginning of ADUX ICO Crowdsale

November 30, 2018 : ADUX, end ADUX ICO Crowdsale

December 31, 2018 : ADUX, listing ADUX for at least two exchanges.

January 7, 2019 : ADUxModels, Live-Release of our agency of models / performers.

January 18, 2019 : ADUxHub, Live-Release market discounts and deals. The implementation of the Partner Program. Mobile application (for Android and iOS) will be available.

January 31, 2019 : ADUxPay, order for “ADUxPay Prepaid” credit cards.

February 15, 2019 : ADUxPay, the announcement of living partners for the VIP-program ADUxPay.

February 28, 2019 : The ADUxHub, Adult Live Webcams and Social Media Platform are now online.

February 28, 2019 : ADUxPay, “ADUxPay Prepaid Credit Cards” will be sent.

July 19, 2019 : ADUX, ADUX Token, listed on several of the 20 largest exchanges.


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