Sometimes I just feel so bad about the advent of cyber attackers, I mean this people got nothing better to do than to just find clever ways to steal data and defraud people. Its saddening really, but am not here to talk on that, am here tell you how best to protect yourself from them.

Data are precious assets we do not want falling in the hands of criminals because of the unspeakable things which can be done with those data, in the past years millions and even billions have been lost just from criminals getting a hold of company data or exploring company weaknesses to defraud them.

The emergence of the blockchain was said to be a secure era where data and financial transactions can now be adequately protected, but sadly the blockchain industry have not be free from these security challenges, as many crypto exchanges and wallets have also suffered from cryber attacks.

Today over 2000 security solutions have risen, but sadly many of these security solution companies are just here to make money and do not deliver on adequate security, not to mention the oversaturation of security solutions.

With growing security issues, so is there a growth in advances to disrupt the plans of attackers. However, security solutions which has risen so far all suffer from oversaturation because of the need to secure data across numerous online work stations. The variety of solutions are been used in the hopes that more security solutions will lead to more security, when in reality it provides complications for users because they have to adjust to the various settings, configurations, and price of various platforms software’s.

This method has been reported by organizations who employ various security solutions to solve a host of security related issues, to be highly ineffective because utilizing various security solutions might leave one exposed to hackers due to system upgrades and bug found in different software updates.

CLOUDBRIC is a blockchain based security solution which is here to fix the oversaturated nature of security solutions by providing organisations (small, large and medium) with a single software which can be used across all work stations, without have to worry about different configurations, settings or pricing.

The platform will combine multiple security solutions into one unified platform to offer an easy to manage cybersecurity solution for a varied range of users which will enable users to enjoy high level security in all facets of their lives.

The platform utilizes the prowess of Artificial Intelligence which will be powered by a deep learning algorithm and will provide an all-inclusive solution for all security challenges as well as the invention of a new decentralized ecosystem. The platform will integrate the deep learning algorithm to its core security technology to become the best security solution in the arena.

Personally, I think the success of any project has a lot to do with the team behind it. This is why I have full confidence that CLOUDBRIC will be bringing you the best form of security one can attain in this digital age.

The platforms executive team brings over 30 years of experience and information into this project, and I believe being a part of this project will greatly benefit you.



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