The entertainment industry is clearly one of the fastest growing industry over the last decades. From sports, movies, music, fashion and so on. Global entertainment and media market accounts for revenues of approximately $2.1 trillion USD of which the most common denominator is Music.

Music has been a major form of entertainment with billions of fans across the world. Various music contents ranging from hip-hop, Rhymes and Blues (R&B), Reggae and so on have been recorded over the years thrilling fans with a wide range of genres to enjoy.

In recent times more musical talents are being discovered and it is left for the music industry to harness these talents by connecting them to music producers, other artists and also provide an audience for their talent in order to encourage quality music content creation on a global scale.

This is not so with the current music industry which is mostly centralized, as a result music talents are faced with the problem of lack of self-awareness, a few musical executives are aware but the larger world is not.

The music industry is expected accounts for $130 billion USD globally, which is expected to reach higher levels in future years but it is faced with some challenges which serves as impediments to its growth.

The following challenges attributed with the current music industry have accounted for the slow growth of the industry, they include:

Lack of Transparency:
The current music industry is intransparent in its duty to create a platform where new and emerging musical talents can be harnessed and encouraged to create more quality content.

It is clear that people in different parts of the world with musical talents are trying to be discovered but the current music industry does not provide such as the existence of centralized executives allows for manipulation in the selection of musical talents it chooses to promote.

Lack of Self-Awareness:
The current music industry also lacks the ability to provide a wide audience for new and emerging musical talents.

Only few persons like their fellow artists and producers are aware but a larger part of the world is not as most musical contents are only available to persons in a particular geographical location and not on a global scale. This is attributed the centralized structure of the current music industry.

Introducing the iLink2Music Platform
iLink2Music platform is a self-made music entertainment social media platform built entirely on blockchain, which seeks to connect artists, executives and music lovers worldwide.

The iLink2Music platform will unite artists, executives and music lovers irrespective of their age, experience, race in order to provide quality music contents on a global scale.


The iLink2Music platform utilizing blockchain technology will provide the following solution to the challenges encountered with the current music industry. Some of which include:

Blockchain provides a transparent medium for sharing and storing information, therefore iLink2Music platform adopting blockchain technology will provide a transparent platform for harnessing and publicizing new and emerging musical talents regardless of their race, age, background or belief.

The use of blockchain will also eliminate the room for manipulation of voting results by users on the platform thereby promoting quality musical content.

New and emerging musical talents will be provide self-awareness for their music contents as iLink2Music blockchain platform provides a decentralized structure in which musical talents can get to a larger part of fans across the world.

Project Opinion

iLink2Music aims to connect artists, executives and music lovers around the world  with quality musical contents by providing a decentralized blockchain ecosystem that is not limited to race, age and beliefs.

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