Wealth means nothing without good health to match, with the volume of bacteria’s and diseases out there, one needs good doctors in other to stay healthy. The healthcare system which comprises of doctors, pharmacists, healthcare centres and even health insurance companies has done a great job in our society thus far.

However, the industry can be made better if the entire industry worldwide was connected and decentralized.

The fact that the industry is centralized and lacks connection between all parties in the industry, has caused various problems for both patients and the entire industry.

The following are problems which is currently being faced by the healthcare industry.
Low medical services: the quality of equipment’s being used by various medical centres are not good enough, which leads to them rendering wrong diagnosis to patients which in turn leads to wrong medications being given to patients.

Lack of rating system: there is currently no rating system for various medication centres or pharmaceutical companies, which means patients do not know how efficient a pharmaceutical drug or medical centre really is.

High product costs: getting medical equipment is quite expensive because majorly these medical centres and pharmacies lacks direct access to manufacturers, which makes them buy from third party thereby raising the cost of the products considerably.

Fake pharmaceuticals: there is currently no approach in the prevention of the counterfeit products in the market, and also no means by which patients can identify these counterfeit products in the market.

ATLANTICO is a blockchain based medical platform and the first of its kind at that. The platform aims to decentralize and connect the healthcare industry in other to create an improved healthcare system. The platform will be making use of various features in bringing this better system.

Below are the features which will be used in making the healthcare system:
Blockchain: blockchain which is a disruptive technology offering security and transparency, will be used in securing conversations and data uploaded on the platform, as well as creating a channel which will enable data verification (Transparency).

Rating system: the platform will posses a rating system which will allow users of the platform to rate and drop comments regarding various health centres and pharmaceutical companies and their products (healthcare machines and drugs). With this rating system, the platform will be able coil out counterfeit products in the market and also medical centres which aren’t up to standard.

Token: the platform being on the blockchain will posses its own utility token which as ALT. This will be used in facilitating any form of payment on the platform, and will also be used in rewarding users of the platform who will be participating on the platforms rating system.

Various parties such as pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical centres, pharmacies and all others in the platform will also be accepting the token as a source of payment and at the end of every year, ATLANTICO platform buys back the whole token from the various bodies who accept the token as a form of payment. This will drive the volatility of the token, making sure its value appreciates in various exchanges in which it will be listed in.

By fostering connection between all bodies in the healthcare industry, the platform will be eliminating the use of middle men which will make healthcare drugs and equipment relatively cheaper. I believe ATLANTICO provides the right business opportunity for investors. The platform is currently offering out tokens on presale and I believe this is the right opportunity for interested persons to invest.


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