Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. Helen Keller

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. Helen Keller
OPTIMISM is the belief in and expectation of positive outcomes, even in the face of difficulty, challenge, or crisis. Optimism is the expectation of the best in one's work, and the best in everybody, everything and every situation. Optimism is an active, empowering, constructive attitude that creates conditions for success buy focusing and acting on possibilities and opportunities.

It is vital ingredient to achieve success. The times when optimism really pays off are when you are faced with problems, challenges or sear backs. An optimism thinking style at these times will increase your resilience, maintain hope and improve your chances of a successful outcome. For some, optimism comes naturally, but for most, it is an attitude towards life that must be learned and cultivated. Developing and strengthening to your personal power.
A true optimist is a person who always expects good things to happen, when he runs into stumbling books along his life's way, when things do not always go just the way he runs into opposition, when the going gets though and when he runs into opposition, when the going gets tough and when he meets with a disaster or catastrophe.

The ability of a sailor is tested not in weather, but rather in storm. The mark of the true optimist lies in one's ability to remain cheerful, serene and hopeful in stormy weather as well as in fair weather.
A true optimist finds more motivation to succeed and is more persistent in his efforts. He interprets experiences positively and influences outcomes positively. He responds to all obstacles, all attracts, all setbacks, with calmness, determination, and a creative, problem-solving attitude. For optimism to maximize your abilities and happiness, you must take responsibility for your thoughts, your attitude, and your actions. Research studies reveal that optimism live longer, enjoy better health, and do better in relationships, work, sports and all activities.
You must find opportunities in every difficulty and calamity. You must feel that there is always a vacancy at the top and you are destined to reach there one day.

You must take the cold water thrown on your ideas, heat it with enthusiasm and use the stream for the thrust to go ahead.
You must be cheerful in all situations, even when you cannot be really happy.
You must love fun and be able to laugh at the vagaries of life.
You must assume control of your life and your future, believing you have limitless potential for achieving. You must be proactive and anticipate difficulties. When thins wrong you must act promptly and gather resources to surmount your predicaments.
You must look for the good in bad situations; shun all negative thoughts and visualize and rehearse success.
You must be well-prepared, when you are baffled by problems. You must be realistic and look for options, and alternative solutions, and not insist on perfectionism.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them
Dreams are the starting points of all achievements both great and small.
All great men have been great dreamers. Real achievers start with their dreams and so should you.
Always have big dreams about what you want in life. Have a dream bigger than you. A person with a big dreams is more powerful than the riches person on earth.
Every great success begins with a dream and then it is translated into action to make it come true. Dream is only a differed success provided one wakes up and works for it. You dare dream big dreams, and in the process, you set yourself on fire.

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