What role is played by aspects in Tedchain

Tedchain is a gaming platform with the support of an intelligent analytics engine which is used in the execution of each form of reward but does not limit the gaming of mobile applications.

Applied technologies

1. P2P network.

Tedchain works on a peer-to-peer network which is optimized for playing blockchain. P2P gives full control over the network speed algorithms thereby allowing to optimize the system for games. To perform many functions for a large audience many services on the Tedchain platform can be used less often than others.

2. Tedblockhain.

On the example of the P2P network a server was developed that allows gamers to acquire the necessary experience. The blockchain technology uses a double reward system with the necessary blocks.

Technical aspects

• Integration of blockchain into the logic of the server service; The use of a server node in the whole world will provide game products with fast communication solutions.

• Full complex of development. Documentation and the developer community in order to provide a huge and convenient developer ecosystem.

Operational aspects

• Through the game platform with 40 million monthly active users. The global team unifies the payment system. They guarantee the global appeal of Tedchain.

• Together with strategic partners, there is an advertising platform to promote game-based games and products.

Business Risks

1. Failure in development;

2. Insufficient implementation;

3. Dependence on the third parties (carefully selected individuals by the team do not bear any insurance that they will do the work correctly);

4. Loss of cash (there is no representative of personal insurance to which symbolic holders can apply for compensation);

5. Force majeure (the work of the company may be suspended due to unforeseen circumstances);

6. The integrity of symbols (the company does not guarantee the value of symbols for any period).

Other risks

1. Taxes (symbolic holders are responsible for transactions any applicable taxes are levied on them.) Symbolic holders carry out the tax laws of any jurisdiction.

2. Disclosure of information (personal information is obtained from symbols such as information address of wallet relevant information can be disclosed to law enforcement. The company is required to disclose information according to law subpoena or court order).


Recently, most projects have gone through symbolic sales and wanted to link to the blockchain where the finances come. Our company is approaching this.


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