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Tedchain game platform: risks and benefits

Tedchain is a ledger technology that is suitable for the release or management of digital assets with secure methods.

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TED platform

Ted is an essential platform that allows anyone to have the opportunity for security infrastructure and regulation. The platform is created for million online players who buy, sell and assemble. With the inclusion of a simple exchange widget TEDA gamers will have access to a huge global market with confidence blockchain and operational verification. TED platform will allow millions of people to create their own virtual shops on the same platform. TED platform provides a deal security which will bring new participants into growth.

Buyers and sellers will get the most favorable prices and quick settlement.

The Tedchain Protocol

This protocol unites about 2 billion gamers around the world. The Tedchain protocol is a decentralized blockchain solution that is transmitted and exchanged by virtual goods and services. The protocol is based on rapid growth which is flexible enough to meet other uses. The evolution of blockchain technology has allowed to exclude fraud to the maximum extent and gives gamers a chance to choose only those projects that are really interesting for them. Such a criterion is created by Tedchain.

Tedcoin as a payment method

Tedcoin is a personal confidential untraceable form of payment.

Let's consider each of such ways

• Confidentiality (the tidkone is used by the audio system in order to send and receive coins without difficulties).

• Security (wallet files are encrypted).

• Untracking (the tidkone ensures that all transactions can not be tracked and have an additional measure of ambiguity).

Financial plan

Using revenue will allow TedLab to reach the world's first crypto gaming platform. Revenues will act as a catalyst for global growth. They will create additional resources for the development of technologies. TedLab has become a profitable company in 2014. Revenues will lead to huge financial growth and strong profits for the coming years.

The TedLab team has a large number of different modules that are processed on the market – for example a development of statistics. This all gives a chance to track the growth dynamics of the stored data in the system. The aggregate demand of people for money grows on the Tedchain network.


The first crypto that publishes a gaming platform is ready to help talented teams with the release of high-quality products and obtaining direct payments on mutually beneficial terms without risking of losing their independence.


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