Two problems that is intended solve project the FIRST Eco-cluster.

Today in the world there are few projects that have aim to implement global changes in people lives. One of it is the “Venus Project” by Jacques Fresco

The First Eco-cluster project has set a goal, which is much more modest, but also has not been implemented in the world so far. It`s to build on a turnkey basis at least one eco-village (eco-cluster) in the suburbs of each city in the world with a population of more than 100,000 people. Every autonomous Eco-cluster will be provided with the most modern infrastructure and a large selection of houses from environmental-friendly materials with the availability of everything necessary for a happy life and a full recycling cycle. High-quality medical care and a large number of places for outdoor activities will contribute to the longevity of its inhabitants. The reason for the lack of high quality suburban real estate is the large cost of its creation. Until now such issues were resolved through the banking sector. But medium-longterm investment in real estate is not interesting for banks in such volume. ICO of tokens is a modern, transparent and reliable way for investors, which will help the project to solve this problem and to attract funds from around the world.

The second problem which will be solved by the First Eco-cluster project, follows from the first, but also very important. It is not enough to build eco-villages (eco-clusters), it is necessary that the houses be sold out and there will be life in the neighborhood. The project is a social and commercial. All specialists needed for the autonomous existence of the Eco-claster will receive housing in it for free. A program of the project to provide interest-free installments when buying a house will facilitate the resettlement of family and friends, as well as like-minded people of already accomplished homeowners. There is another category of people who do not have sufficient wages today to afford the purchase of a plot of land with a house. Those people will be offered the opportunity from the ECONEUARK platform to receive additional earnings and eventually become the owner of the house in Eco-claster in the neighborhood in his city, or in another when he plans to move as well as, if desired, abroad.

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