Travel with ECOEC!!!

Prior to the start of the ICO project, First ECO-cluster (April 1), registration of the owners of tokens in the ECOEC tourism program will work. The program consists of three parts:

The first part will be available on the ECONEUARK platform before the end of the ICO, June 30, 2019. All owners of ECOEC tokens who wish to travel in 2019–2020 can, on the ECONEUARK platform (after mandatory registration and verification at, go to the project partner’s site of an international tourist operator. Choosing a place for your vacation, you will pay part of the cost of your ticket to the tour operator with ECOEC tokens!

The second part of the tourism program of the project will work in 2020-2021. In each created microdistrict ECO-cluster, several state-of-the-art turnkey houses will be built for comfortable living for tourists - owners of ECOEC tokens. ECO-cluster, which, in the first place, provides the residents of the Eco-cluster with all the necessary provisions, will allow travelers not to spend money, but also to pay by ECOEC tokens for products!

The third part of the tourism program of the project is called "Holiday exchange ". Perhaps it will work already this year among the owners of ECOEC tokens, who are ready to provide their housing for an exchange for several days to other owners of tokens from another country. And surely this part of the program will work when in each new is Eco-cluster will have its own guest houses.

The more tokens ECOEC will be in your e-wallet, the more privileged will your proposal. Therefore, do not try to get rid of ECOEC tokens at the first opportunity. Buy ecoec tokens on Pre-ICO with 50% discount!

Join the Community First Eco-cluster and stay with us always and you will learn a lot more useful about the PROJECT and the ecoec token!!!

Thank You!

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