The end of the ICO project and the beginning of the process of tokenization of objects.

30 June 2019 ends ICO token ECOEC project First ECO-cluster. According to preliminary estimates, most likely it was not quite successful. Perhaps this is a consequence of the decline in investor interest in ICO and their transition to IEO.
From July 1, a new smart contract will be start on the project website in your account. It will allow investors to participate in the tokenization of existing and newly created objects of suburban real estate. According to the roadmap, all not sold ECOEC tokens will be distributed over the next 5 years to tokenize the project objects.

About 5.5 million EcoEarthCoin will be sold during the year at a fixed token cost (according to the discount schedule: July 60% from 0.15ETH, August - 55%, September 50%, etc.) guaranteed by the project in its White Paper - no less than 15 EUR. Also 55 billion ECOECTRON will be available for buyers - (ECOEC / ECOECTRON cost ratio is 1 / 10,000) Token is already trading on the exchange - null ECOEC TRX. You can become the owner of a token by purchasing it under a smart contract, on the stock exchange or by purchasing 100 or more ECOECs on the Ethereum platform and receive a monthly dividend with the ECOECTRON token and tokens of project partners!!! Also, the owner of the EcoEarthCoin token or ECOECTRON token can exchange them for each other through the Creator of the token in the ratio: giving 1EcoEarthCoin to get 5,000 ECOECTRON, or giving 10,000 ECOECTRON TO get 0.5 EcoEarthCoin.

In the ICO smart contract in February 2019, the cost of the ECOEC token was set at 0.15 ETH. For four months, Bitcoin, and after it ethereum and, accordingly, our token went up by 4 times !!! When entering the listing of exchanges, which is scheduled for July 2019, there will be a reasonable fall in the value of the token. In fact, this happens with most tokens. In our case, this will be due to the increased cost of the token linked to ethereum due to the growth of all cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the minimum cost of 1 ECOEC = 15 EUR and more expensive, at which the token from its creator will be sold for tokenization of objects and on exchanges, is fully justified. To purchase ECOEC for the purpose of tokenization of objects, it is necessary to fill out the form located on the project website -

Thank you for being with us!

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