The ECOEC token is the world's first cryptocurrency really provided with land plots.

The project First ECO-cluster offers its own of cryptocurrency investment security. The buyer of ecoearthcoin tokens (ECOEC) on Pre-ICO and ICO will receive, if he wants to become the owner of the land plot (house) of the project partner or in the ECO-cluster neighborhood, can choose it on the ECONEUARK platform based on the cost of investments on which he bought tokens and the base cost of the token defined in the project for buying real estate 1ECOEC=15EUR. After the ICO with the expansion of the geography of the project, such a privilege will be given to buyers of land (houses) in the neighborhoods of Eco-cluster in any country of the world where the project will be presented (according to the legislation of the country on which the neighborhood of ECO-cluster will be located).

The suburban real estate market is quite stable and has a number of features, which in the project first ECO-cluster in symbiosis with IT-technologies allowed to create a practically new product on the ECONEUARK platform.
First, the real estate market is characterized by low volatility. Secondly, with a well-developed concept and a well-built strategy, the profitability of such assets is quite high. This is due to a significant increase in the cost from a large undeveloped land to create a modern, popular, popular buyers of plots and houses of the neighborhood.
35% of investors consider the purchase of real estate optimal for reasons of risk and profitability (65% - gold, bonds and shares of state-owned companies.

The crypto-currency market is developing dynamically and has the maximum degree of risk of investment, but also the maximum possibility of making a profit in both the short and medium term.
Combining on the platform ECONEUARK cryptocurrency and the project First ECO-cluster together, we got a new product due to the volatility of land and buildings guarantees to investors in token EcoEarthCoin which correspond to volumes investment, and have made a decision to become a real property owner to get guarantees that their cash will be accurately saved and multiplied.

Investors who purchase tokens EcoEarthCoin in insufficient quantity to get a right in the property of the individual land or home may participate in the tokenization of the created objects in the project. After submitting the application, they will receive a register of project objects and will determine what exactly their funds spent on the purchase of ECOEC tokens should be invested in.

Investors, on the contrary, at a cost exceeding the average investment level for one partner of the project (from 100 000 EUR), due to a reduction in the discount during the Pre-ICO and ICO, the growth in the cost of the token due to its demand and including security also will not remain without its profit. If at the time of purchase tokens EcoEarthCoin investors will not have the properties that can be decorated in the property of their jurisdiction, they can registered on the platform ECONEUARK application for a contract and to get the property later when creating an Eco-cluster in their country or the country in which they want to become the owner of the land (the house).

The objective of the project of First ECO-cluster during the ICO to make a closer, and ideally to combine the two very different groups of people: the suburban real estate buyers - mostly wealthy people older than 40 years who are concerned about the health of their family and crypto enthusiasts, but also young people up to 25 years. Include them in a group of successful entrepreneurs who know and understand the sense of diversification (age 25-40 years).
And as a result on sites of project the suburban real estate buyers will receive tokens of project and will know how to use them and will open for yourself and their family peace of cryptocurrency. To Buyers of EcoEarthCoin tokens on the project website to "WHITE PAPER" the to provided information values of land and houses offered as real security for ECOEC tokens.

Thank You for being with us!

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