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Система Награда Голос

Здравствуйте, друзья в Голосе - osphere.
Опять же, пожалуйста, простите мой друг на Google Translate.
Он тупой осел!

Я ищу, чтобы понять различия в системе вознаграждения beteween Голосе и steemit. Может кто-то мне точку в правильном направлении тэ, чтобы найти сообщения или документы, объясняющие систему и различия?

Я был бы весьма признателен.
Не голосуйте за это, поскольку это запрос к вам, а не собственно часть письма!

С наилучшими пожеланиями и спасибо заранее.

Hello, friends in the golos - osphere.
Again, please excuse my friend at Google Translate.
He is a dumb-ass!

I am looking to understand the differences in reward system beteween golos and steemit. Can someone point me in te right direction to find the posts or papers which explain the system and the differences?

I would be most grateful.
Don't vote for this as it is an enquiry to you, not a proper piece of writing!

With best wishes and thanks in advance.

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01.03.2017 19:12

Many thanks @richman. Much appreciated

01.03.2017 21:00

It seems to say that 60% is the distributable reward pool. How ids that divided between authors and curators? Or do I need to find @hipster because I can no longer reply to his posts or find him on

01.03.2017 21:10

Distribution between curators and authors is the same as in Steem. I am going to publish changes in Steem soon

01.03.2017 21:58

This is a post with answers. That can be interesting not only for you :-)

01.03.2017 23:29