The EasyDex Portfolio Builder Token Campaign

 Hello everyone! We are excited to announce that the EasyDex Portfolio Builder token campaign is all set to begin today at 5:00 UTC. For those of you who don't know, the EasyDex Portfolio Builder token is a token we created to help investors build a diverse portfolio by simply holding one asset. Each week we will take 50% of the market fees gained from each of the crypto assets for which we run a gateway and divide it up to all the holders of the EasyDex Portfolio Builder token. Since we will be constantly adding gateways to the most promising cryptos holders will quickly build a portfolio of a wide variety of cryptos and will be prepared for the next moon shot no matter which crypto it is. This allows holders to take advantage of our knowledge and experience with crypto markets while taking a relatively very low amount of risk. Just buy the tokens, hodl, and watch your portfolio grow. Currently planned gateways include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Steem, SBD, Golos, Golos Gold. Eos, Bitcoin Cash, Z-cash, Dash, Monero and many others. If you don't see your favorite crypto on this list we are always open for suggestions as well. 

The token campaign will work similarly to the EOS token campaign. However, instead of on Ethereum we will be running it on Bitshares. There are some other differences between the EasyDex Portfolio Builder token campaign and the Eos distribution. Much of this has to do with the fact that there will only be 1 million PB tokens ever made with 900,000 distributed during the campaign. The rest will be used for rewarding people who have benefitted us and to promote the token and the service. Since this is the case and since the early buyers will have a greater benefit from the tokens as they will be receiving the sharedrops all during the campaign, we decided that instead of having a fixed amount of tokens each day that we would have a certain amount for the first week and it will increase each week. The first week 500 tokens will be distributed per day based on how much each user contributed to the pool that day. After the end of the first week, the number will be increased to 1000 per day. In this way we will continue to increase the number of tokens distributed each day by 500 every week for 3 weeks until we reach 2000 tokens per day. The token sale will then continue until all tokens have been distributed. The final day an initial 1000 tokens will be distributed.

All contributions to the pool must be in the Bitshares asset (BTS). To contribute to the pool users simply transfer the amount of BTS they would like to contribute to the account easydex-pool. The minimum contribution is 10 BTS. Contributions less than 10 BTS will be considered a donation. Each day at 5:00 UTC the next day's allotment of PB tokens will be transferred to the easydex-pool account and any funds transferred after that time will be counted towards the next day. The contributions for that day will be tallied and the tokens distributed to the people who contributed within 24 hours. PB tokens will be distributed to the accounts that contributed to the pool so make sure you transfer your contributions from the account you would like your tokens transferred to.

If you don't have BTS but would still like to participate in the token campaign there are ways to do so. The best way to do this would be to use either our fiat bridges or crypto gateways. Instructions for using these gateways and bridges can be found under the Deposit/Withdraw menu option in the side menu at You can then trade the corresponding EasyDex asset for BTS. We will ensure liquidity in these markets by trading the BTS gained during the campaign for these assets.

I covered everything I can think of but if you have further questions or comments feel free to join us on discord at, on telegram at or email us at

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