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Summon as a pro! Easydex in steemmmonsters !

Hello friends, Easydex is proud to host its first tournament! Many of you actually will ask why to pay 25 steem to join?
Our rewards are not only limited to steem as Easydex is Decentralised exchange! Our first tournament price in the spirit of steemmmonsters will be gold legendary summoners! Our first place will get Valnamor Our second place will win gold Zintar beta summoner, and third place will win Selenia Sky regular beta , all rest places up to 10 will win 50 Portfolio builder tokens! Yea you get it right we will give 300 usd worth of cards plus tokens rewards in a single tournament! The fee collected will be used for host future tournaments!


Many will ask what PBtokens are and how to claim them :
EasyDex Portfolio Builder tokens (EASYDEX.PB on the DEX) were designed for investors who want to maintain an ever-expanding portfolio of a variety of crypto tokens. Holders of EasyDex Portfolio Builder tokens receive regular sharedrops of all of the crypto assets for which EasyDex runs bridge services in the amount of 50% of the market fees collected on the decentralized exchange. Since we are constantly adding new tokens on our bridge services, these tokens will allow holders to quickly grow a large, diverse portfolio.

Additionally, PB token holders also receive a portion of the listing fee smaller tokens pay us to list them. They also receive 20% of the initial supply of all the blockchains we create in our EasyLife blockchain system. We are also always looking for other tokens we can share with our token holders and many projects have given us tokens to drop on PB token holders as this has proven to be an effective method of promoting and building interest.

EasyDex Portfolio Builder tokens have a maximum supply of 1 million tokens. 200,000 tokens were distributed during the initial release of PB tokens and an additional 100,000 tokens are to be released prior to each blockchain in our EasyLife system. PB tokens are available on the open market via the EasyDex or any other Bitshares-based exchange. Tokens can also be acquired directly from EasyDex based on available supply at a price based on the current market rate by contacting us directly.


First place Gold Valnamor :


Second place Zintar Mortalis


Third place Selenia Sky :


Best luck to everyone in the game see you there! For the once that haven't join Steemmmonsters yet ,you can create accounthere :

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