Hello Easydex friends. We are happy to announce the listing of a new token in Easydex-BEARDOLLARS.
This token is part of the Bearshares platform and you can register here:


Many of you know Easydex is always open to support new projects and Bearshares is one of them.
This asset isn't traded as for now in any exchange so until get established will be a semi open gate.
Semi-open :

  1. The asset won't be added as for now in the Easydex UI.
  2. There will be a minimum deposit and minimum withdraw
  3. We will set pairs with all Easydex assets.

Once some details are cleared with the leadership of Bearshares the gate will be fully open.

Instructions for deposit :

  1. Login in your bearshares account
  2. Go to wallet page
  3. Minimum amount to send is 500 BEARS DOLLARS .( Sending lower than this amount will cause losing your funds )

  4. Send to ,, easydex "
  5. Memo - Your easydex ( bitshares ) username.
bearshares deposit.PNG

Instructions for Withdraw :

  1. Open your Easydex account .
  2. Send the amount you want to withdraw to ,,easy-dex"
  3. Use your Bearshares username as a memo.
  4. Minimum to withdraw is 100 BEARDOLLARS
    beardolars withdrow.PNG

    Users who don't have yet Easydex account can create one here :

    or use any other account created in the bitshares network by a simple login.
    If your deposit or withdraw takes more than 2 hours contact us in the easydex discord :

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