How EasyDex is Changing the Way You Do Crypto!

For too long centralized exchanges have dominated the crypto markets. While much great work has been done to create decentralized monetary systems, the need to resort to centralized exchanges in order to exchange your cryptos for useful currency has prevented us from creating a truly decentralized economy. One look at any cryptocurrency related social media group and the problem becomes clear that a better solution is necessary. The problem is enhanced further when dealing with cryptocurrencies other than the big 3 (BTC, ETH and BCH). Then one must resort to dealing with multiple centralized exchanges, one to convert your fiats into one of the big 3 and then send that to another centralized exchange to invest in the token of your choice, paying high fees every step of the way.

The EasyDex Solution

When searching for a solution to these problems we noticed a distinct lack of viable alternatives. However, there was one major exception-- The Bitshares trading platform. Built on a DPoS blockchain, Bitshares offers the most advanced and decentralized trading platform. It is fast, inexpensive to use and provides an impressive host of features. However, adoption of the Bitshares platform has been slow. When investigating further, we noticed that there were several barriers to the mass adoption of the Bitshares platform. Many people found the interface confusing, there was a distinct lack of any account recovery option that had caused many users to lose access to their funds, there was no option for transferring fiat currencies on and off the platform and transferring cryptocurrencies off the platform involved paying high fees with no way to track the transaction until it was received.

EasyDex was created to tackle these problems head on. We launched the Beta phase of our services approximately one month ago, bringing to the Bitshares platform a simplified and more intuitive user interface, viable fiat bridges (USD and EUR), and a trustless account recovery system. We are currently developing a large selection of cryptocurrency gateways to the system that, instead of charging a large withdrawal fee, allow users to set their own miner fee and instantly returns the transaction id so that users can track the transaction and know that they will receive exactly what they intended to withdraw. Through these efforts very soon people will be able to trade their favorite cryptocurrencies directly for fiat. Furthermore, by integrating our system into several decentralized social platforms that are currently in development we hope to bring the decentralized economy to a whole new audience while attempting to bring some much-needed stability to the ecosystem.

The EasyDex Portfolio Builder Token

In this day and age, there are a million ICOs that promise the world, however very few deliver on those promises. We wanted to take a different route. Rather than sell an idea, we self-funded until we had a viable, usable system on which to base our fund raising efforts. In addition, we wanted to make sure that investors could feel secure knowing that their investments would actually return a profit while finding a way to give back to the people that believe in us.

With this in mind we have created the EasyDex Portfolio Builder token. Holders of the Portfolio Builder token will receive regular sharedrops of the market fees collected by EasyDex for every cryptocurrency we support. Tokens are limited to 1 million and holders will receive these sharedrops as long as EasyDex functions ensuring that investors will return a profit for many years to come. Users will be able to benefit from our many years in the crypto ecosystem while having a voice in what cryptos they would like to see us support.

To learn more about EasyDex you can visit our website at If you would like to create an account you can visit and the Portfolio Builder token presale is available at

Token presale will end next week and we will enter our official distribution phase. To provide a fair chance for everyone to invest in the platform at a fair price we have devised a campaign that will allow everyone to invest what they can afford and be rewarded based on their input. To participate in the campaign users will be able to send funds each day to an EasyDex account created for this purpose. At the end of each day we will divide a certain amount of tokens between everyone who contributed funds based on the level of their contribution. The first week 500 tokens will be distributed daily and this amount will be doubled each week as word spreads and new cryptos are added. Sharedrops of 50% of the market fees will take place each week between the last distribution at one amount and the doubling for the next week.

Complete instructions will be provided through social media posts and on our website before the campaign begins. In the mean time we invite you to join the community. To join us on telegram visit To join us on Discord click here. Join our subreddit at or follow us on Twitter at

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