Easydex- transparency report WLS( whaleshares )


Its been a long time since our last transparency report, a new year come and some changes also. Recently we announced the delisting of whaleshares (EASYDEX.WLS) so we think our EASYDEX.PB token holders deserve detailed report about. EASYDEX.WLS never was a used gate, the reasons for this are many and not a topic on this post.


For start, we will post some info in screenshots and we will provide links for everyone who is willing to check and confirm the information posted here :

  1. Easydex account in bitshares : https://exchange.easydex.net/account/easy-dex/overview/
  2. Bitshares explorer: http://bts.ai/a/easydex.wls
  3. Easydex account in whaleshares : https://whaleshares.io/@easydex/transfers

The first screenshot is from the easydex bitshares acount :


Second one is from http://bts.ai :


The tird one is from our whaleshares gate acount :

wls whaleshares.PNG

Conclusions :

-EASYDEX.LTD have the necessary funds in the whaleshares acount to proceed all withdraw of the asset, plus some amount extra.


-EASYDEX.LTD have accumulated 3.436 EASYDEX.WLS in market fees 50% of which goes to EASYDEX.PB holders.


-The accumulated amount is not enough to cover decent sharedrop at the moment so we will convert and add this to another asset ( Steem , LTC, ETH ,BTC ) based on the desire of the EASYDEX.PB token holders.


If you are not yet familiar with EasyDex, I would like to refer you to our website here : https://easydex.net where you can find all the necessary information about EasyDEX. And of course you can create a FREE account here: https://exchange.easydex.net/welcome/ with which you are ready for your adventure in the wonderful world of cryptos.


If you need help with anything, do not hesitate and contact our customer service! In our Discord Server here : https://discord.gg/ZYHPUyV you can find people from the customer service team, almost 24 / 7. And they are glad to help you with every question you possibly could have.


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