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EasyDex Transparency Report and Sharedrop Announcement!

Greetings EasyDexers! This is the first of what will probably end up being several posts announcing exciting things going on with EasyDex but before I get to that let me go ahead and take care of our transparency report for our fiat-backed assets.

There are 2640 EASYDEX.US tokens in circulation (ie: not in the easydex-fiat account) backed by 2690.20 USD in the corresponding bank account. There are 1828 EASYDEX.EU tokens in circulation (ie: not in the easydex-fiat account) backed by 1962.78 EUR in the corresponding bank account.

Now that that's out of the way we'll get to the exciting news. As our PB token holders are aware, we take half of the market fees generated by our crypto gateway assets and sharedrop them on token holders. So far, the only active gateway is BTC and that hasn't generated enough market fees yet for us to sharedrop them on our token holders. However, we also want to use these tokens to support other projects we either are affiliated with or otherwise believe in. Since our token buy-back program has been successful in boosting the token price and encouraging participation in the official token campaign we have purchased 5000 of the Smoke UIA to divide between all token holders that hold at least 100 PB tokens at the time we take the snapshot. For those of you not familiar with Smoke, they are a soon-to-be-released steem-style chain focused on all aspects of cannabis culture. They will be launching their main-net soon at which time the Smoke UIA will be tradeable for stake on the new chain. If you would like to check them out in the meantime you can try their test-net at To make sure everyone who would like to participate is able to, we will be taking the snapshot on Tuesday, June 26 after we have distributed the PB tokens from the pool that day. There are several other projects and initiatives that we would like to support as well with more appearing all the time. So, PB token holders can expect similar sharedrops in the future. We also will be announcing more gateways in the very near future (probably tomorrow) so it's a good time to be token holder.

That's it for today but if you have further questions or comments feel free to join us on Discord at, on telegram at or email us at or leave a comment below. Don't forget to join us for the EasyDex Podcast, Fridays at 20:00 UTC on the Discord server hosted by @sirlunchthehost.

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