EasyDex Steem & SBD Gateways Launched! Trade Steem and SBD Directly for Fiat On the Bitshares Decentralized Exchange!

Hello everyone! Today we are happy to announce that the EasyDex Steem and SBD gateways to the Bitshares decentralized exchange (DEX) have been launched! As with our Bitcoin bridge, there is no deposit or withdrawal fees (hidden or otherwise) and only a small market fee of 0.2%. And, if you are a holder of our Portfolio Builder tokens (EASYDEX.PB) you will receive some of that back when we sharedrop half of the market fees collected from all of our crypto gateways on token holders!

Not only do token holders get sharedrops of each crypto asset we run a gateway for but they also receive sharedrops of tokens from projects and initiatives we either partner with or otherwise support. In fact, we did the first snapshot of token holders today for our first sharedrop of Smoke tokens that will be tradeable for stake on the Smoke platform when they do their mainnet launch. If you'd like to get your hands on some of these Portfolio Builder tokens you can either get them from the market or get them from our Eos-style token distribution campaign. Since we now place a buy order every day for the same price that people got them from the token campaign the pool price is at least as good as the market price. More details on participating in our token campaign here.

However, I haven't even gotten to the best part-- Not only can you now send your hard-earned Steem and SBD to Bitshares without paying any costly fees but, since we also have active USD and EUR fiat bridges you can trade your post rewards directly for cash! That's right, you can now trade your post rewards for our fiat-backed assets directly and withdraw them right into your bank account! No more do you need to transfer your funds through multiple exchanges, trading for other crypto assets to send to another exchange where you can finally trade them for spendable fiat currency, spending fees and precious time every step of the way. Now there is a one-stop solution! What could be easier?

To use our services you will first need to create a Bitshares account (if you don't already have one). You can use any interface for the Bitshares platform but we recommend creating one through our UI since we are the only one that offers a password recovery option allowing you to regain access to your account should you ever lose your password. If you already have a Bitshares account you can use our UI by simply logging in with your username and password if you have a web (cloud) based wallet or by using the .bin file if you have a local wallet. We use the same security measures and key management as the Bitshares reference wallet (probably the best in the industry) ensuring that your account and keys stay safe.

Once you have your Bitshares account ready simply transfer the amount of Steem and/or SBD you would like to deposit to the @easydex-wallet Steem account with your Bitshares username in the memo. A few seconds later you should receive our gateway asset (either EASYDEX.STEEM or EASYDEX.SBD) in your Bitshares account.
Once you have your funds on the DEX you are free to trade them for any of the assets available there. This, of course, includes our fiat-backed assets EASYDEX.US (backed by a greater amount of USD held in deposit in our bank) and EASYDEX.EU (backed by a greater amount of EUR held in deposit). As with any crypto-to-fiat exchange, to withdraw either of our fiat-backed assets to your bank account you will first need to complete some KYC by completing the form at https://easydex.net/verification/. Once your account has been verified you simply transfer the funds you would like to withdraw to the Bitshares account EASYDEX-FIAT and we will do the rest. The first time you withdraw we may need to contact you to ensure we have all the necessary information so be sure to include your email address in the verification form. Once you have completed the first withdrawal we will already have all the necessary information and will process your withdrawal within 24 hours. There is a small (2%) fee for fiat withdrawals but everyone who has used it says it's cheaper, faster and, of course, easier than other options such as CoinBase or Kraken. As I write this, there are open orders for EASYDEX.STEEM and EASYDEX.SBD with both of our fiat-backed assets.

I covered everything I can think of but if you have further questions or comments feel free to join us on Discord at https://discord.gg/BfZg9JY, on telegram at https://t.me/easydex or email us at support@easydex.info or leave a comment below. Don't forget to join us for the EasyDex Podcast, Fridays at 20:00 UTC on the Discord server hosted by @sirlunchthehost.

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