Easydex password recovery

Imagine the scenario…


You have been investing all your spare cash at the end of the month and invested it into Bitshares assets.

You have managed to save a tidy little sum and you are really proud that you have managed to create this nest egg that will see your child through college or fund the holiday destination of a lifetime.

Then one day as you are copying your password from your 'safe' place, your cat wanders over your laptop and you accidentally delete it, or you are multi-tasking and you accidentally paste something on top of your password.


You can press undo, no problem...

But what happens if you get distracted as your spouse calls you to ask you to do something, or you get a telephone call, or your computer crashes or gets stolen?

The opportunity to recover your password is gone.

Will you be the person who is bitterly disappointed because you chose another Bitshares exchange with no password recovery system and essentially lose all those hard earned savings?

Or will you smile and think, thank goodness I picked EasyDex and go through their password recovery process...

...and sigh with relief as you can access and see your investment once more.

And smile as you visualize the happiness that investment will bring when your child gets through college.

Or you imagine the sea breeze as you are enjoying a cocktail on some far-flung exotic island, or taking in the views on the second stop of your world tour.

If you are reading this and your Bitshares account is not with EasyDex, you should know that a unique feature of Easydex is the ability to recover our user's accounts.

We have developed the only password recovery system available for a decentralized exchange.

You can always access your investments with EasyDex, even when you lose your password.

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Do you save user passwords on your data base?

18.03.2019 11:18

@kwaskoff No , we save enqripted version based on costumer chose.You can chek this video for how exactly works :

18.03.2019 12:06